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To unify Africa by creating an autonomous decentralized payment platform suitable for the continent’s economy with low volatility. A currency suitable to serve as a speculative asset and also for the exchange of values. To develop a sound base where individuals or corporate entities can develop businesses on and around. With eDeposite, a closed community like a university can build a community-based app that can be used by all the members of that community to perform their daily transactions using eDeposite token.
November 2021 - January 2022
Nov 20, 2021
Jan 31, 2022
14% completed
$201 001
2% goal completed
Goal 10 000 000.00 USD
Cap 1 000 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 EDT
    1 USD
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Cizar Consult & Global Investment LTD
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Apr 18, 2018
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About eDeposite

eDeposite is an asset-backed currency, we value investors’ funds and will strive to ensure a continuous appreciation in value of the coin. We have a structure to backup eDeposite funds with the large mineral deposits in Africa, stable international fiat currencies, a growing number of African MSME such as; the African Fintechs, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Real Estate, and most importantly focusing on human capital development. More info available in the whitepaper

Technical Info

eDeposite is running on a hybrid blockchain system. This is a combination of both private and public blockchain systems, The network participants can only join after the existing participant approve their application. Before any transaction can be processed, it requires a multi-signature13, there must be a consensus among all nodes. It must have been validated by all active nodes & declared true T. Once a transaction enters the system, the request is instantly redistributed to all the active nodes for validation. These nodes are to declare the transaction True T. or False F., by declaring a transaction True, a signature is appended on the transaction, if all nodes declare a transaction to be True (T), the transaction is processed and recorded on each node’s explorer and also on the public ledger. In a situation a transaction is declared False F. by a single node the transaction will remain pending till the next hour and revalidated by all the nodes, if the same transaction is declared F again by the same node, the transaction will be re-postponed till the next hour, this transaction will keep getting postponed till another node declare it F or all the nodes declares it T. If up to 25% of all the live node declares it false, the transaction is automatically canceled and recorded on a separate ledger for fraud investigation. For every transaction, all nodes will verify the origin of the sender’s balance from his last 10 transactions, this is to check the legitimacy of the sender’s balance before allowing it to proceed.

eDeposite Roadmap

  • April 2018

  • eDeposite Demo Launched
  • March 2019

  • eData Mobile App Released as a sandbox
  • October 2019

  • Fantasy Prototype Released
  • April 2021

  • Adding Network participants & Integration of Nodes
  • Read More
  • June 2021

  • Massive rolling out of use cases
  • August 2021

  • Verifying Local Exchanger
  • November 2021

  • Listing on Exchange
  • November-December 2021

  • ICO Tokens Public Crowdsale
  • February 2022

  • Official Launching
  • March 2022

  • Open Source Code to Stack Communities
  • July 2022

  • API Gateway Release for Mass Integration


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6 216
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eDeposite Team

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Komolafe Israel
Team Leader
Hammed Obasekore
Product Developer
Mohammed Ibrahim
Network Engineer
Akintomiwa Opemipo
Product Developer
Badejo Ridwan
Business Developer


Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Oladipo Olalekan Dav...
Economic Adviser
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