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An innovative greenhouse complex designed specifically for the difficult climatic conditions
Risk: Very High
Sep 27, 2017 — Oct 4, 2017
Goal 250 000 000 USD
About EcoGreenHouse

What is the benefit of Organic products
Scientific researches around the world have established that regular consumption of organic products

  • increases life expectancy by 8-14 years
  • prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • helps to normalize blood pressure
  • the elevated content of antioxidants helps to preserve youth
  • significantly reduces the risk of cancer
  • improves eyesight, reduces the risk of eye diseases
  • reduces the level of phosphorus in the body, which has a beneficial effect on kidneys
  • and reduces the risk of diabetes

The main purpose of the club is to grow organic products.

The grown Organic products will be shipped on a priority basis to the members of the EGH club and to the large cities of Russia and China.

Development of EGH club

  • 75% of the received profits will be directed towards the construction of new EGH-greenhouses across Russia and on the border with China.
  • Thus, together with the expansion of the geography of the construction of EGH-greenhouses, the number of members of EGH club will increase and the total number of tokens will remain the same.
  • A member of EGH Club can at any time implement its own token on the exchange.



  • Summer 2014

  • Idea
  • Summer 2014 - Winter 2015

  • Market research
  • Spring 2015 - Summer 2016

  • Introduction to “Dutch Greenhouse” technologies
  • Read More
  • Spring 2015 - Summer 2016

  • Introduction to “Singapore Greenhouse” technologies
  • Spring 2015 - Summer 2016

  • Introduction to “Japanese Greenhouse” technologies
  • Summer 2016 - Winter 2017

  • Introduction to Organic products technologies
  • Spring 2017

  • Start of development of artificial intelligence elements
  • September 2017

  • Pre Token Generating Event (Pre-ICO)
  • November-December 2017

  • Token Generating Event (ICO)
  • December 2017

  • Land acquisition near Moscow
  • February 2018

  • Start of construction of EGH-greenhouse near Moscow
  • June-November 2018

  • Establishment of distribution channels
  • Fall 2018

  • Association of other organic farmers in EGH club
  • Fall 2018

  • Sale of EGH franchise to other farmers
  • Winter 2019

  • Land acquisition near St. Petersburg
  • Spring 2019

  • Start of construction of EGH-greenhouse near St. Petersburg
  • Winter 2020

  • Land acquisition near China border
  • Spring 2020

  • Start of construction of EGH-greenhouse near China border




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Геннадий Самсонов
Chief Engineer
Любовь Лебедеваx
Сhief agronomist


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