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The Economic Engine Powering Next GEN DeFi and NFT
The EcoFi platform will revolutionize the landscape of DeFi by driving value directly towards network participants.
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About EcoFi

Cryptocurrency and digital assets represent the evolution of how we assign, perceive, and generate value as a civilization. Those involved in the EcoFi community see the building evidence of this fact every day. The rise of decentralized finance, or DeFi, platforms are the next step in this evolution, opening up an ecosystem comprising automated liquidity markets that are surging.

The ability to be able to share capital, not in a fractional reserve sense, is unique to DeFi. In 2020 alone, DeFi markets accounted for 95% of $270 billion USD of growth in the Ethereum network. With these attributes, DeFi is already attracting the attention of hedge funds and mainstays of the financial services sector.

During this time of accelerated growth, first movers who act before these large financial institutions acquire a foothold in the DeFi marketplace have an extraordinary opportunity that many, as of yet, have yet to realize. EcoFi’s mission is to help spread awareness and facilitate the greater public to both realize the potential of, and capitalize on this burgeoning marketplace.



EcoFi is an open-source, permissionless, and censorship-resistant protocol, built to power safe and responsible innovation. We believe in universally accessible financial markets in which financial regulators and community members are aligned. The transformational potential of DeFi to the entire ECOsystem is inevitable, provided that regional laws and regulations protecting consumers are respected.

Although the growth of the world economy has provided an exorbitant amount of value to be captured by the wealthiest individuals in the most privileged positions, the average consumer is unable to utilize the same mechanisms that drive wealth. EcoFi is creating an economy that hinges on driving value directly to the global community via a mechanism system that supports the distribution of interest generated by decentralized mechanisms to community stakeholders that participate in the platform/economy.

The EcoFi platform offers a combination of interest generation via staking, and NFT rewards. The platform will include a compound interest generating mechanism. With the EcoFi model, participants will be able to stake their ECO tokens to the ECOVAULT and earn passive rewards from built-in inflationary and deflationary control mechanisms.

We believe that this mechanism will serve as a model for global income distribution networks, as well as other financial and monetary systems so that areas of the world where extreme poverty is the status quo may adopt and implement it to achieve a higher standard of living.


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