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E-CYCLE is a lifestyle application on web3, which comprises the elements of Fit-Fi, Social Fi and Game-Fi.
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About E-Cycle

E-Cycle is a lifestyle application on web3, which comprises the elements of Fit-Fi, Social-Fi and Game-Fi. E-Cycle is built upon an essential activity that almost everyone performs on a daily basis. That is exercising. Users will have the opportunity to collect NFT bikes, e-bikes, E-Cycles, and exercise bikes. By riding a bike, users will be able to earn in-game tokens, which can be used within the game or cashed out.    


Daily exercise promotes cycler’s overall well-being, boosting immunization against diseases.



Finding time to know the neighborhood could be challenging in this busy world. Then why don’t we combine exercising and discovering in one, isn’t it more interesting and less time-consuming? By utilizing this, our cyclers can explore where they live and stay in shape at the same time.



Gaining incredible experience from all those practical riding sessions not only improves our cyclers' daily physical productivity but also increases cycler mental capability.



Riding with E-Cycle, our cyclers contribute to saving our planet and the environment by not overusing gas or petrol energy.



We are encouraging people to use environmentally friendly energy sources and helping to reduce the greenhouse effect happening across the globe.



Due to the advancement of technology nowadays, it is totally reasonable to look forward to the future when we can easily encounter high technology devices such as e-bikes or E-Cycles. These electronic devices are contributing to the high quality of people’s lives, allowing us to enjoy our lives to the fullest.



Ride2earn or Move2earn are new concepts in which users get paid for their fitness activities. With E-Cycle, Cyclers can collect NFTs under Characters, Bikes, E-Cycles, etc.,  which are not only in-game items, they also exist eternally in the user's Decentralized wallet and Blockchain Ecosystem. This new trend is still in progress, however, it is growing.



Take it slow and enjoy every moment while driving with the E-Cycle. Cyclers will have the opportunity to relax during daily exercise while also profiting from it.


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