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With the spread of cross bridge technology, you can make easy money transfers between all blockchains with DLPN tokens
Jul 11, 2021
Sep 29, 2021
100% completed
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First Burning 50% / ICO 14%/ AirDrop 6% / DLPN Faucet 10% / ADS+Marketing 10% / System development 10%
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About Dolphin

DLPN was first created in BSC for making ico. The goal of DLPN is to be a decentralized, community-driven, fully transparent token that facilitates cryptocurrency transfers using a cross-bridge.

Our goal is to present a project with real functionality to the Blockchain community.Dolphin(DLPN) supports all tokens. And the DLPN SWAP, when we create it, will provide a facility to easily exchange all Cryptocurrencies, altcoins and note tokens on a decentralized platform, no matter what blockchain the cryptocurrencies are produced on..You can perform many transactions with DLPN tokens. We recommend that you scroll down and read in detail. DLPN has been produced as 7 billion units in total.And we share all wallet links with you.How was the total supply divided?


Our Main Features

It's good to be reminded.The strength of our project comes from the community that supports us. The faster our community develops, the faster the platforms of our project are prepared and developed.


You can easily transfer DLPN tokens between blockchains.An equal number of 7 billion DLPN tokens were created on all blockchains.

Attention: In simultaneous circulation, 7 billion coins on two different blockchains cannot circulate at the same time, so 1 DLPN token is equal to 1 DLPN in all networks.

Example: If you want to transfer 3 DLPN token from BEP20 Network to TRC20 network. Cross-chain platform takes 3 DLPN(BEP20) token from you and gives 3 DLPN(TRC20) token instead.

Instant Transaction

You can make fast transfers.


ALL Dolphin tokens are completely flexible.

Cross-Bridge Blockchain technology

Thanks to Cross-Bridge Blockchain technology, you can easily transfer DLPN tokens between blockchains.

Community Oriented

For the rapid growth of our community, we have prepared 6% of the total supply, ie $ 100,030 AirDrop, with an ICO sale price of $ 0.007.

Decentralized Platforms

All DLPN platforms are not owned by any Company, Fund or Person.It has a team of developers but no owner. Only community members with DLPN tokens have a say in DLPN projects.

DLPN Voting / Development

If members of the community want a new idea or a new platform, we will initiate a vote in the community. If the idea is voted positive by the Community, our Software team will roll up their sleeves to prepare the project.

DLPN Voting / Development

If members of the community want a new idea or a new platform, we will initiate a vote in the community. If the idea is voted positive by the Community, our Software team will roll up their sleeves to prepare the project.


All wallet addresses will be in front of the community.All innovations in the systems will be decided by the community.

Technical Info

What Action Will We Take If DLPN Price Drops Suddenly?

We have considered several ways to protect the price of DLPN tokens from sudden drops.

DLPN Faucet (Earn DLPN by doing certain tasks and reduce DLPN from the market by the amount of DLPN you earn). You can read the details of this process in the Whitepaper.

Commissions deducted from transactions in DLPN SWAP and DLPN Market will be collected in a wallet and DLPN tokens will be bought and burned on the market.

DPC (DLPN Power Community).1 wallet will be created on all platforms. When the community's volunteer donors send any cryptocurrencies, altcoins and tokens, DLPN tokens will be purchased from exchanges and burned and removed from the market.

50% of the money lost by players using DLPN GAMBLING will be burned by purchasing DLPN tokens from exchanges.And the Other 50% will be added to the jackpot pool for the jackpot.

Dolphin Roadmap

  • 12.06 2021

  • Completion

    ✔️ Website Deployed
    ✔️ Creation of a smart contract
    ✔️ Preparation of white paper
    ✔️ Social Media Established
    ✔️Tokenomic structure defined
    ✔️Sending a Listing Request to Coin Market Cap
  • 17.06 2021

  • Pending Completion

    ✔️ Project Launch
    ✔️ICO Launch
    ✔️AirDrop Launch
    ✔️ First Burning
    ✔️Added to Exchange
    ❌ Minimum 2500 Owners and 5000 transactions To Add Logo to TrustWallet.
    ✔️Sending a Listing Request to Coin Gecko
    ❌ Collaboration with Youtubers and influencers
    ❌ Added to Coin Market Cap
    ❌ Added to Coin Gecko
  • 2021

  • Pending Completion

    ❌ ICO Completed
    ❌ AirDrop Completed
    ❌ Crosschain Bridge
    ❌Added to PancakeSwap
    ❌ Added to Centralized Exchange (CEX) Listings
    ❌ Donate Platform
    ❌ Second Burning
  • 2021 2022

  • Pending Completion

    ❌ DLPN Faucet
    ❌ DLPN NFT Market
    ❌ Second Burning
    ❌ Third Burning
    ❌ DLPN Android App
    ❌ DLPN IOS App


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