Divine Nymphs

Divine Nymphs

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Each Divine Nymph is a digital talisman and a ticket to Pandora's Box — an alternate reality quest for ETH prizes. Cicada 3301 vibes.
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About Divine Nymphs

Born of water and wood, mountain flowers, and the clouds above, nymphs are an essential lifeforce of the planet. They serve and guard places and people that are most sacred to them. They enjoy life with abandon and are regarded as divine spirits.

In Ancient Greece, the worship of nymphs was more prevalent amongst peasants in rural areas. Nymphs frequented places distant to the elite and were most encountered by lone travelers on the fringes of society.

Nymphs not only created natural beauty in the world, but also nourished the bereft. Likewise, Satoshi aspired to take control back from the elites and empower ordinary people. She catalyzed a new age of financial and cultural sovereignty.

It is believed nymphs permanently disappeared around the early twentieth century; some say their departure coincided with our lost sense of kinship and destruction of the planet.

We have called upon the Divine Nymphs—a hybrid, new, transhuman species of nymphs—to return to earth, rebuild what’s been lost, and usher you into the absurd realm that is Pandora’s Box.

⁠—> Are you ready to redefine mythology?


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Faedra Cyborg Prince...
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Himalia Haliai
imagining, teleportation, siren songs
Marsyas Satyr
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Tyche Deity Of Fortu...
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Daphnis Oread
design, soul reading, oneirokinesis
Echo Oread
synthesizer, alchemy, love potions

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