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Degem is a decentralized products and services platform that empowers the investor, simplifies the trading experience, and gives YOU the edge needed to be successful
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About Degem

Born out of the ashes of rekt degens arose degem exchange, a multifaceted DEX that has transformed the very essence of a degen. Here degens evolve into degems and now are no longer subjected to the deceptive forces of the markets that kept them from finding their treasures.
Degem exchange provides its community with an elixir of premium features which gives them the ability to choose gems responsibly and successfully. 
Also as new creations degems have been given birth rights to the treasures earned by degem exchange. We have sealed a covenant in which we entrust 50% of earned treasure to our degem token holders.



Our Gemology is a synergetic melding between exchange and user where at its core the habitat of the degem is formed. Provided with a U.I. and features that have been hand casted and distilled of impurities, degem exchange is a community based DEX where degems can truly shine.


The treasury is our chamber of treasures. It was once said "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". At degem exchange our community is our greatest treasure and we believe in giving back. We have pledged to give back 50% of our net revenue from trading fees to degem token holders


Sometimes a gem will come to light that stirs the atmosphere transfiguring all those in reach. Rather than it being kept a secret our Launchpad was created. Here we share with degems the chance to partake in ownership of these rarities that will be featured as IDO’s
and Fair Launches on degem exchange.
Our refiners can select gems they have processed to become IDO’s and Fair launches or this will be a service we can offer projects after they are analysed to check their purity and gem value. Only the finest clarity gems will be incubated and launched.

Features of launchpad

  • Anti bot
  • Only the best selected gems
  • Tiered staking model for token allocation models
  • Community voting model to select projects

The Gem Cave

The Gem Cave is where our gemsmiths store their handpicked gems. These gems will be distributed to stakeholders of degem token. 


The gemsmiths will negotiate with projects they are dealing with to be able to have a certain amount of tokens gifted to degem exchange. This can either be projects that are currently trading with enough token reserves to do this or it can be from projects at pre-launch that then can allocate a certain amount of their token supply.

Benefits of project gifting tokens

  • The benefits for a project to gift tokens to The Gem Cave are vast, increased holder count, more exposure/awareness and trading volume increase.
  • As for degem token holders, the benefits are simple, you get to collect gems by staking degem tokens.


  • Routed to PCS liquidity pools
  • Smart dashboard with contract analysis
  • Custom UI
  • Charts
  • Auto slippage
  • Limit orders/stop losses
  • IDO launchpad
  • The Gem Cave

Degem Roadmap

  • Q3 2021

  • V1 Exchange launch
    Private sale
    Marketing/Influencer campaign
    Shill army launched
  • Q4 2021

  • Public sale
    Coingeko listing
    CoinMarketCap listing
    V2 exchange launch
    Refinery launch
    Referral reward system
  • Q1 2022

  • Advanced features added to the Dex
    Token launch Dapp
    Staking Tiered system for IDO’s
    Treasury rewards activated
  • Q2 2022

  • Dapp marketplace
    Community voting model for incubator
    Dev marketplace
    Project strategy marketplace
  • Read More
  • Q3 2022

  • Crosschain compatibility on dex

Degem Last News

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