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First targeted advertisement database on blockchain
May 1, 2018
Jun 1, 2018
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About DATO

Introducing DATO, a solution that is based on ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. We offer a solution that involves creating a blockchain database for a targeted audience. This database will be created simply by analyzing various social networks such as Facebook, VK, Twitter and other social platforms. Our database will be accessible via smart contracts and our token will also be used to facilitate database access. The major aim of our solution is to solve the problem of targeted audience preferences simply by accessing the blockchain database through smart contracts. Anyone that is willing to carry out targeted audience research for advertisement can perform this action simply by accessing our blockchain database with the aid of smart contracts and the DATO token as a fee. In addition to this, the fee will be calculated based on the request. Our platform is made up of a team of intelligent individuals that are based in Tokyo, Japan. Shota Tanako is the name of our CEO with over 25 years of working experience in top Japanese companies. He was heavily involved in the Tokyo Institute of Technology "Future of Tokyo" workshop. Other talented team members comprise of talented graduates from Tokyo Institute of Technology. We work together as a team to move DATO project to the next level. Investing in ICO involves a lot of risks which is accompanied by a corresponding reward. However, choosing DATO ICO to invest in will help you to solve all your challenges especially with our professional team with high level of experience. With the aid of our blockchain database, anybody that is willing to research targeted audience will do this through the use of our blockchain database via smart contract and use the DATO token as a fee.

DATO Roadmap

  • 2017/06

  • Market research.
  • 2017/12

  • Blockchain database development.
  • 2018/01

  • Token sale.
  • 2018/02

  • Exchange listing.
  • Read More
  • 2018/06

  • Smart contract (to interact with blockchain database).
  • 2018/06

  • DATO 1.0 (alpha) is released.
  • 2018/07

  • Development team expansion.
  • 2018/08

  • Bugfix, optimization.
  • 2018/09

  • DATO 1.0 released.
  • 2018/09

  • DATO token is used to access blockchain database of targeted audience.
  • 2018/10

  • Marketing and wide adoption.
  • 2018/12

  • Further expansion and development.



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Haruto Tanaka
Koki Nakamura
Ryusei Jamamoto
Koki Ito
Shota Tanaka
Kili Joshida
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