Datamine Network

Datamine Network

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Created using Figma
Datamine Network is a gateway into next-gen Deflationary Monetary System that is OWNERLESS, IMMUTABLE, AUDITED and ran completely by the community. Our Ethereum smart contracts form Base Currencies of DeFi.
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About Datamine Network

For the base Datamine (DAM) token we've kept it as simple and basic as possible. This token is a standard ERC-777 implementation and was deployed on Ethereum mainnet with fixed supply of 25,000,000 DAM. 16,876,778.9 DAM tokens were ultimately swapped and 8,123,221.1 DAM tokens were burned. To bootstrap the DAM/FLUX token ecosystem we chose to use a fair distribution of the two year old Bulwark blockchain.

All extensions on the base tokens are done through the new ERC-777 "Operators". This feature allows other ethereum addresses to operate on behalf of your account. Instead of another address, we've used this functionality to grant another smart contract operator role.

This means that we can write additional smart contracts to extend base functionality of Datamine (DAM) token. Our first cross-smart contract functionality written in this manner is FLUX, our second, mintable token.


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