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Datamine Community

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Datamine Network is a new non-custodial and decentralized open source economic system that uses smart contracts to create Adaptive Money. Our dual token DeFi protocol generates dividends every 15 seconds.
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Our dual token protocol rewards users for destroying FLUX tokens from circulation to create a dynamic market equilibrium using realtime on-chain supply and demand. FLUX is simply a measure of time that can be transacted to reduce global inflation and increase dividend rates. Dividend rates can be increased by buying time. The value of FLUX originates from borrowing a portion of the worldwide dividend mint rate when burning FLUX.Early on, dynamic periods of volatility will occur frequently as the system moves closer to finding equilibrium. As the Datamine market cap grows and FLUX liquidity increases, a market equilibrium will be established. Datamine does not take custody of tokens and is only a collaborative hub. Datamine is not a licensed bank, broker-dealer, investment advisor or an exchange. Datamine uses partner protocols (Ethereum) to power its own ecosystem.Datamine Network is an emerging DeFi dApp leader thanks to our robust, feature-rich user dashboard that allows anyone to interact with our smart contracts. Get realtime on-chain market sentiment and see your balances in USDC with our deep Uniswap integration. Realtime market cap, portfolio balances and instant worldwide Datamine (DAM) / FLUX token analytics at your fingertips.


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