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Digital Health Platform
Apr 20, 2018
Apr 27, 2018
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About DataCook

DataCook Platform will make the world healthier and will be the solution to reduce exploding medical and insurance cost. Japan is facing two major social problems in our social system where our medical and healthcare systems are no longer sustainable beyond 2025 unless we drive disruptive innovation that we are driving in this white paper. First, Japan is super aging society. In 2025, baby boomers will become more than 75 years old. In 2060, retired senior citizens in Japan will exceed 40% of entire population. Even in other Asian countries, the proportion of elderly people above 65 will be 35% in South Korea and Singapore, 32% in China, and 27% in India. In Japan, currently 5 working people are supporting 1 retired senior citizen but beyond 2060, only 2 working people must support 1 retired senior citizen. Second, our medical cost supported by Japanese government are exceeding JPY 42 trillion and soon hits JPY 54 trillion. This entire exploding cost is financed by continuous new Japanese Government Bond every year to push huge entire cost to shrinking young generation as national debt. This financing mechanism will be soon not sustainable any longer. 80% of above medical and insurance costs are burned by 20% of population by lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, brain & heart strokes, and dementia & Alzheimer’s. DataCook can build solution to reduce these exploding costs by behavior change through our DataCook AI, DataCook O-ZEN, DATACOOK HEALTH COIN for investment return like Oil by AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain Healthcare Data, Meal Method, Healthcare Coaches, and Behavior Changes Programs. DataCook is aiming to be an investment company rather than a AI service company. We will harvest investment return by ownership in reduced insurance and medical cost by our power of AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain Healthcare Big Data, Meal Method, Healthcare Coaches, and Behavior Change Programs so that not only Japan but also the world facing the same problem will enjoy healthier and happier long lives. We have huge expertise of Big Data analysis and IoT platform products. We have evidence of working with Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications since 2014 and made framework for clinical data (i.e., gene, blood data and life log) exceeding tens of thousands of people.


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