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DAObet is blockchain, which expands EOS by quick finality and advanced governance and allows creating high-performance Dapps using smart-contracts
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Jun 28, 2017
Jul 26, 2017
100% completed
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Entertainment, Casino & Gambling

About DAOBet

DAO.casino is a protocol defining interactions between untrusted participants in the context of online gambling industry. This includes two levels: game level - player’s trust in a particular casino operator in the context of the game (provably fair gambling) and a business model level: i.e. game developer doesn’t have to trust casino operator to get rewarded. In short: all participants that are needed for the system to function don’t have to trust each other in order to cooperate.

Trusted third party that is needed in a traditional online gambling industry to function is replaced with smart contracts that act as autonomous agents that automatically reward all the key contributors: game developers, referrers and operators of independent platforms necessary for the game discovery, and those that take part in PRNG. The fact that reward system is fully automated and transparent allows to introduce a crowdfunding element into a bankroll of every game (see section 2.1.5) and incentivise community driven security audit.

Obtaining randomness necessary for gambling games in a deterministic virtual machine is not a trivial task, so that in addition to technically obtaining pseudorandom values an economic incentive layer should be introduced. Equally unpredictable random numbers that determine outcomes in each game are provided by economically incentivised participants interacting with the PRNG contract. PRNG method implemented in DAO.Casino MVP is described in a section 3.

This system can provide a P2P marketplace for game developers and support a large number of independent front-end platforms where players can discover and play gambling games fair by design.

In the beginning we can expect existing licensed online casino operators can integrate with the protocol to reduce costs, while long term new forms of regulations more suitable for decentralised, transparent and automated systems can emerge. Long term goal of DAO.Casino project, apart from providing experimental software and implementing main protocol components, is to contribute to a development of new forms of online gambling certification. So far gambling games on Ethereum remain in the gray legal area, but it doesn’t have to be so, since technologies such as Ethereum open up possibilities for far better customer protection and enable fair by design gambling.

BET - DAO.Casino internal token - is used as point system for incentivisation as well as a sub-currency which is used in the games. See section 2.2. BET token is a standard Ethereum ERC20 token.


- Enables a sustainable model which benefits all the parties involved in the online gambling business process
- An automated value distribution protocol acting as an mechanism of incentives and expressed in a system of Ethereum contracts
- A system that is capable of providing equally unpredictable pseudorandom numbers for the games
- DAO.Casino team became on of the winner of the Status Global Hackathon
- Security of the system is achieved through transparency, consistency and cryptographic verifiability of software used to automate processes otherwise involving trust, and economic incentive mechanisms for it’s human participants

Technical Info

Technical details:  BET token is a standard Ethereum ERC20 token. It is used as ingame currency for all the game contracts integrated with the protocol and to power DAO.Casino reward system. Ingame currency and a reward system are complimentary. Despite of Gas cost that is required for Ethereum powered software to run, the fees should remain lower than in traditional server based online gambling. This is because the gas is paid per operation, and only for the operations and storage that is used. Game’s front end can be stored either on the server or on the network using decentralised file storage systems such as IPFS or Ethereum’s native Swarm. Using Swarm will also allow to program the game to pay for it’s own front-end storage. Proof of developer:  Public team

DAOBet Roadmap

  • 2016

  • - Market research- Technical feasibility- Technical feasibility
  • Phase 1

  • Market Research, Technical feasibility, Assesment
  • Q1 2017

  • - First game release on Edcon
    - Platform prototype
  • Phase 2

  • First game release on Edcon, Platform prototype
  • Read More
  • Q2-1 2017

  • - Platform Alpha
    - Dice game beta
    - Black Jack beta
    - Protocol main contract
    - WP release
  • Phase 3

  • Platform Alpha, Dice game beta, Black Jack beta, Protocol main contract, WP release
  • Q2-2 2017

  • - Public audit
    - RNG Signidice integration
  • Phase 4

  • Public audit, RNG Signidice integration
  • Q3-1 2017

  • Contribution campaign
  • Phase 5

  • Contribution campaign
  • Q3-2 2017

  • - Multiplayer RNG research
    - Lottery Alpha
    - Slot game Alpha
    - IPFS integration
  • Phase 6

  • Multiplayer RNG research, Lottery Alpha, Slot game Alpha, IPFS integration
  • Q4 2017

  • - Official release platform (testnet)
    - Multiplayer RNG release
    - Lottery beta
  • Phase 7

  • Official release platform (testnet), Multiplayer RNG release, Lottery beta
  • 2018

  • - VR platform
    - Betting integration
    - Prediction Integration DAO.Casino JS
  • Phase 8

  • VR platform, Betting integration, Prediction Integration, Dao.Casino JS


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4 063

DAOBet Team

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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Ilya Tarutov
Konstantin Lomashuk
Protocol Architect
Alexander Noxon
CTO / Platform development
Ksenya Bellman
Business Development
Alexandra Fetisova
Project Manager
Sergey Pomorin
Game Developer


$13 012 206

Sergey Lonshakov
DAO design and implementation
Alexander Krupenkin
Solidity Developer


$11 554 306

Eugene Radchenko
Program Manager
Alexander Davydov
Solidity Developer
Alex Kirillov


$12 893 057

Akbar Murataliev
Marketing Executive
$ 0.0283
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DAOBet Reviews


DAO.Casino hasn’t yet announced a date for its crowdsale. However, you can sign up for an email newsletter at the official website to receive information as soon as possible. Right now, DAO.Casino is preparing to release their platform onto a testnet before the end of 2017.

At the moment, they have a working alpha with two games – a dice game and a blackjack game.

Obviously, DAO.Casino isn’t the only Ethereum-based gambling platform. However, it may be the most ambitious. It aims to allow developers to build their own casino games, then market those games to players through a P2P marketplace.

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