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About CyberPigs

CyberPigs is a collection of 10,000 pig characters who once were just a science experiment that went wrong. Now, these pigs have taken over the earth, and even continue to use the genetic modification technology initially developed by humans to continue improving. All of the pigs are now living on Ethereum Blockchain. Each CyberPig is unique and is based on many professionally designed elements, drawn by hand, that any crypto enthusiast will appreciate.

You can use your CyberPig breeding function to generate new CyberPigs tokens and as an in-game character to fight other holders of CyberPigs and earn cryptocurrency by staking it. 10% of the collected secondary sales fees will be distributed back to the NFT staking pool.

The CyberPigs game is a turn-based tactical RPG that is browser-based, all you need is a MetaMask extension. Players and NFT holders can craft new materials for their CyberPigs to gain them additional powers and attributes. To upgrade your NFT, you must be actively engaged in gameplay activities. Explore dungeons, challenge other players, and you will be generously rewarded. Crafting will increase the value of the piece.


High-Quality Materials We have made sure that accessories for the CyberPigs (or so-called traits), such as weapons, hats, shoes, tops, shields, etc., are high-quality and high-resolution so you can enjoy them in every form. Don’t forget, they will not only make your CyberPigs look better, but will also make them stronger! Breeding Feature Similar to breeding actual pigs, you can breed your CyberPigs as well! Two NFT CyberPigs create a third NFT. The player selects 2 NFT CyberPigs (male and female) for breeding, which provides a third CyberPigs that gets the stats from both breeders. This means that if you breed two rare CyberPigs, the third one will be rare as well! However, breeding isn’t that easy as only 20% of CyberPigs will be female NFT Game Platform As you may have noticed, CyberPigs are fighting for power! Every CyberPigs has different attributes and special abilities. Use your CyberPigs to fight real opponents, win a prize based on your bet, improve your pig’s stats and increase your NFT’s value! Community Token We have introduced royalties that enable you to earn profits from your CyberPigs even after it has been sold. 10% of all CyberPig secondary sales, breeding or battle fees, will go into a community pool, which will pay out to NFT holders once a quarter. Staking Feature CyberPigs are tokens, and like other tokens, you can stake your Crypto Pigs into a community pool, which will pay out to NFT holders once a quarter. The more rare your NFT is, the bigger the payout. Material Marketplace Craft your own materials for your CyberPigs to gain additional strengths and powers. Have some materials you don’t need? Buy or sell them right in our marketplace!

CyberPigs Roadmap

  • 2021

  • Q3-Q4, 2021
    Preparation & Research
    Researching the market and finding the best possible tech and team for the project.
    Q4, 2021
    NFT Character Development
    Designing and developing the characters for NFTs and the game. Starting developing their game mechanics, traits, skills, visuals.
  • 2022

  • Q1, 2022
    Private & Public NFT Sale
    The pre-sale will be exclusive to our whitelist members. Then the public sale will be available for anyone. Our early supporters will have a unique opportunity to mint the collection earlier and without participating in so-called gas wars.
    Q2, 2022
    Breeding Feature
    A feature that will allow creating new NFTs. The player selects 2 NFT CyberPigs for breeding, which provides a third CyberPig that gets the stats from both breeders.
    Q2, 2022
    CPIGS Token Release
    The token release for the ones who will invest in in-game currency. All NFT holders will be able to access the pre-sale of the tokens.
    Q2, 2022
    Crafting Materials and Item Marketplace
    This feature will allow players and NFT holders to craft new materials for their CyberPigs to gain them additional powers and attributes. Crafting will increase the value of the piece.
    Q2, 2022
    Token Staking Feature
    NFT holders will be able to stake Crypto Pigs into a community pool, which will pay out to NFT holders once a quarter.
    Q3, 2022
    Battle Game & In-Game Betting
    NFT holders will be free to fight their characters against others in the game. And They can also bet on them to win CPIGS tokens!
    Q4, 2022
    NFT Launchpad for New Characters
    We are planning to integrate an internal launchpad for external NFT projects once the game is fully developed. This way, we will enrich the game by creating new tactics. As a result, our tokens will gain even more value.
    Q3, 2022
    Internal Rarity Tools
    More and more CyberPigs will be created during breeding. New items will be crafted, and new guns will be developed inside factories. All the materials will be listed on our rarity explorer, so players can easily follow fast-changing tactics.
  • Future

  • Continuous Development
    The project will be backed up by our team forever. We will always be brainstorming on new ideas and constantly developing new stuff!


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Justin P.
Marcus M.
Chief financial officer
Giedrius C.
Chief marketing officer
Augustus S.
Chief technical officer
Samet S.
Lead developer
Andre S.
Smart contract developer
Wilma S.
Character Concept artist
Vesta J.
Game design
Frutis A.k.a. Tsauke...
Community manager
Artur J.
Community manager
Erik M.

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