Cursed Voodoo Dolls Exclusive

Cursed Voodoo Dolls Exclusive

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A play-to-earn and NFT Platform
An open-world game built on the Avalanche C Chain Blockchain. Play series of interesting game, earn CVDE token with NFTs. Join us and become part of our community-based governance.
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About Cursed Voodoo Dolls Exclusive

Earn while playing games and access to NFT Collections

Cursed Voodoo Dolls Exclusive (CVDE) is a gaming platform integrated with an NFT ecosystem. 

CVDE one of a kind Gaming and NFT platform collection developing and designing series of interesting 3D games that will make the platform one of the best in the gaming and NFT industry. Global access to series of an interesting games and CVDE Nft collections.

CVDE NFT Marketplace An NFTs platform on Avalanche C Chain Blockchain

Zero gas fees for peer-to-peer trading with instant transactions, all while you securely maintain custody of your assets.


It’s very important to understand that the rarity of a CVDE is dissociate from its attributes that are used in the Adventures. Instead, the rarity of a CVDE is determined by the summative collection of specific trait a Doll has.

CVDE rarity will have scores associated with the dolls. The higher the score is the rarer the NFT Dolls is based on the combined scores of all traits.

Dolls Levelling

Each dolls will start at level 1. The maximum achievable level will be 100. Levelling is a simple mechanic in which you feed $CVDE to your doll and the amount of $CVDE you need to level is solely dependent on your level. The levelling start from 0-25 for all the attributes.

Cursed Voodoo Dolls Exclusive Roadmap

  • 0%

  • Platform Start-up
    11,000 NFTs of CVDE are created.
    10,000 NFTs of CVDE will be sold on presale for 1 Avax for each NFT
    1,000 NFTs of CVDE will be sold in public on Kalao platform.
    Website launched and Marketing started
    Discord created for the golden investors for rewards.
  • 10%

  • 50 Avax for giveaway, NFTs and more to the holders and community
    Creating 50 exclusive hand drawn Voodoo dolls (special editions) while 40 pieces will be giveaway to the community
  • 25%

  • 100 Avax for giveaway, NFTs and more to the holders and community
  • 50%

  • Developing Play2Earn game
    150 Avax or more for giveaway and other prices to the community and holders
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  • 70%

  • 200 Avax for giveaway, NFTs and more to the holders and community
    Creation of 1,000 3D version of the CVDE and holders get rewarded with giveaway from the 3D characters and the 3D will be available on public sale.
    Developing cursed voodoo dolls store with member’s exclusive access with limited edition hoodies and goodies.
  • 90%

  • Token deployment to earn in Play2Earn game
    250 Avax for giveaway, NFTs and more to the holders and community.
    After launching the cursed voodoo dolls store, holders will be able to register and freely obtain their custom 1:1 voodoo dolls chain.
  • 100%

  • 300 Avax for giveaway, NFTs and more to the holders and community
    Developing Baby voodoo dolls
    5%+ of income goes for Marketing/advertisement and rest for the Play2Earn game development and to create Baby Voodoo Dolls and more.
    20% of income will go as reward to community / holders value of the giveaways events and prices will be 100k+ dollar!!
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