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Created using Figma
We see the opportunity to make CryptoTycoon a crypto education for many.
Jan 10, 2019
Mar 10, 2019
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About CryptoTycoon

We see the opportunity to make CryptoTycoon a crypto education for many. Even now people still don't understand where the coins come from, why they are valued the way they are, what the infrastructure looks like. Playing CryptoTycoon these people will come to understand the tech and will get curious about this tech IRL. That curiosity will eventually lead to them using the crypto. CryptoTycoon (the game engine and logic) operates the way blockchain does. The same principles, the same transparency. It's blockchain visualized in form of game states (the entire game "history" is available at any point via a public link) and like-able game content. The content that is no longer ones and zeroes, but something you can play with and something you can sell, something that has value, something you see with your own eyes. This is a game, but we aim to solve a much bigger problem. The vision is to be the spark that starts the public adoption using the entertainment angle. It's doable and very much real. Entertainment is what people understand. And what people understand that they will use. History proved that entertainment brought adoption to radio, TV, internet. The time for cryptocurrencies has come.


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