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Cryptonod provides a solution for those finding for an easy way to enter cryptocurrencies and an effective strategy to investing intelligently. Cryptonod work on: Market behavior and Traders behavior. Science behind the currencies and future prospects. After analyzing the vast data cryptonod provide real time trading signal, required information and expert supervision.
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Dec 20, 2017
Jan 10, 2018
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Cryptocurrency, Business services

About Cryptonod

  • Cryptonod system based on deep learning (Self-teaching system).
  • ”Deep learning” develop statistical and mathematical models of prediction and probability to calculate the short-and-long term outcomes of the various crypto trading platforms.
  • Specially designed for recognizing the finer nuances.
  • Evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance.
  • Using technical analysis and machine learning, can create optimal trading strategies in order to exploit the market.
  • Power of human intelligence, professional market forecaster.


Cryptonod work on market behavior and Traders behavior science behind the currencies and future prospects after analyzing the vast data cryptonod provide real  trading signal, required information and expert supervision.

Technical Info

Ethereum ERC20 standard token.

Cryptonod Roadmap

  • Quarter 1, 2018

  • The Bot release with subscripiton-based model.
    Connect more exchanges to Cryptonod.
    Track each and every social media sentiment.
  • Quarter 2, 2018

  • To notify traders make available more alerts platforms, so traders can take advantage of favorite.
    Make Cryptonod supportable with other languages like Japanese, Chinese etc.
    Add some extra features in Telegram Bot and web advancement.
  • Quarter 3, 2018

  • Cryptonod Trading app release for CNOD token holder.
    CNOD token holders become expert advisors by the share trading result and advice, as an Expert advisor takes extra benefits.
    Deep Learning - Interpret the vast data through deep learning neural network.
  • Quarter 4, 2018

  • Trading app become auto-trading app with new features and settings.
    Track future technologies and continues work on developing CRYPTONOD.


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Cryptonod Reviews

The platform offers an intelligent strategy of investing in cryptocurrencies. The neural network combined with human intelligence offer an investor dependable trading patterns. Crptonod can analyze market behavior as well as how a trader behaves which translates to better trades. The system believes that there’s a science behind the way cryptocurrencies act which can be simplified to the benefit of traders.

Acquiring Cryptonod CNOD tokens is necessary to transact on this system. Technological solutions to trading are required to signal, notify and advise traders. Such solutions are available on the Cryptonod system with various platforms to enable this. With the world rapidly shifting to artificial intelligence, projects like Cryptonod are placing themselves in strategic positions to gain big from this shift.

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