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WorldCryptoMuseum is a unique interactive museum dedicated to the cryptocurrency which has no analogues in the world today. The project was created on a platform which is based on blockchain technology. Users from around the world can visit the virtual exhibition dedicated to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin and other popular e-coins, get acquainted with the most complete knowledge base on cryptocurrency, and purchase a memorable souvenir.Cryptomuseum and the unique bank of knowledge is the first phase of a major project, designed for the promotion and popularization of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. The next step will be the creation of real museums in many major cities around the world.The first such museums will be opened in London, San Francisco and Tokyo. These are modern and high-tech cities where the cryptocurrencies today are treated like full-fledged money, which you can use to pay in a supermarket, restaurant or a shopping center.
Nov 23, 2017
Dec 23, 2017
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Oct 26, 2017
Nov 20, 2017
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About CryptoMuseum

WorldCryptoMuseum – the first-ever museum of cryptocurrencies and also complete and daily filled up decentralized bank of knowledge. It is the unique project which does not have any analogs in the world. At the first stage, a development and start of a main product is supposed – the interactive virtual cryptomuseum with full 3D visualization.
Here every visitor from any country of the world will have a remarkable opportunity to get acquainted with the main historical milestones of the development of cryptocurrencies, from the moment of origin of the unique technology, to the present stages of development, and to see such exclusive exhibits relating to the time of emergence of virtual coins, and those which have already became popular and known today. In the cryptomuseums users will be able to choose and purchase the pleasant souvenirs devoted to cryptocurrencies.

At the following stage, opening of the full-fledged real museums is supposed in different cities worldwide. The choice of location of the museum will not be accidental, it will be selected carefully, proceeding from certain parameters. First of all, preference goes to the cities where events that have historical and global value for the development of cryptocurrencies took place, like London, San Francisco, Tokyo. This will become a profitable project for potential investors.

WorldCryptoMuseum is also a unique knowledge base where the complete and comprehensive information on cryptocurrencies and everything that is associated with them is available for each user. The visitor will be able to get answers in a simple and available form to such questions, as: Where did cryptocurrency come from? What is blockchain? What benefits cryptocurrencies have in comparison with the accepted currencies of the world? What cryptocurrencies exist? What projects are implemented on technology of a blockchain?

CryptoMuseum Roadmap

  • 01.2017

  • Creation of ideas, market research and evaluation of development prospects.
  • 05.2017

  • Team building and thinking over the development plan.
  • 07.2017

  • The beginning of cooperation with our partner (online store) for the sale of souvenirs.
  • 26.10.2017

  • Start Pre-ICO.
  • Read More
  • 12.2017

  • Start the development of an interactive 3D museum with all the functionality. Marketing and promotion of 3D-museum. Start selling souvenirs through our partner.
  • 01.2018

  • Launch ICO.
  • 02.2018

  • Continuation of the development of the Crypto-Museum with full functionality. Creation of own brand "World Crypto Museum" for the sale of souvenirs. Creation and purchase of products. Establishment of a decentralized knowledge bank. Adding tokens to exchanges.
  • 04.2018

  • Creation of real museums in Tokyo, San Francisco, London. Purchase of exhibits and hiring of personnel.


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