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As 60% of all global Bitcoin transactions are betting-related, CryptoChip is not just the world’s first and only platform that converts Bitcoin to land-based casino chips and vice versa (“CryptoChipping”) but is also the first ever “” for free casino trips (“Junkets”).
Jan 30, 2018
Feb 27, 2018
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United Kingdom
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Casino & Gambling

About CryptoChip

The Innovation

  • Successful pilot carried out with several European 5 star casinos.
  • UK Company applying for US Patents.​
  • Experienced team of entrepreneurs with blockchain, casino and startup acceleration background.

The Facts

  • A personal invitation to the running closed-Alpha.
  • ​A buyback Option.
  •  CryptoChip's Poker Tournaments Club voting rights and platform VIP priority booking.

The Opportunity

  • Convert Bitcoin to real casino chips and collect your cash winnings in Bitcoin ("CryptoChipping").
  • Book a free casino holiday with a click of a button, the flight & hotel are paid by the casino ("Junket").
  •  Use the CryptoChip Coin ("CRC") in real land-based casinos as a preferred cryptocurrency.

CryptoChip Roadmap

  • 0,5

  • Rule Book

    We release a rule book for basic survival in our environment
  • 1

  • Basic Individual Needs & Essential Professions

    A list of basic amenities and essential professions is released. This stage acts as a basic building block for the next stages and civilisations
  • 2

  • Formation of Civilizations & Advanced Professions

    Other civilisations are released and now you can pick advanced professions and hobbies
  • 3

  • Inter-Civilization Interactions & Trade

    Upgrade for Inter-civilisation communication along with trade leading to inter-civilisation economy
  • Read More
  • 4

  • Technological Inventions

    A tech upgrade marks the beginning of the new era in all the environments which makes life easier and more fun for citizens
  • 5

  • Galactic & Planetary Upgrade & Exploration

    New environments are released that enable space travel and exploration
  • 6

  • Inter-Planetary Trade and Communication

    Colonisation of planets and communication between different galactic civilisations


CryptoChip Team

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$6 250 000

Shahar Namer
5.0 15
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