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Crypto Inu

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Crypto Inu - $ABCD
A Binance Smart Chain DeFi deflationary token with non-custodial staking and charity support.
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About Crypto Inu

Crypto Inu is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with built-in Automated Rewards Farming technology.

Crypto Inu is a multiplayer blockchain real-estate game where the player’s goal is to accumulate wealth and avoid financial insolvency through real-estate and asset investments. The players must invest in the $ABCD token in order to participate in a game. The game play is similar to the traditional game “Monopoly” but has been introduced a social aspect to the game and the use of NFTs to tokenize the characters and properties.

Crypto Inu Roadmap

  • PHASE 1 - Q1 2022

  • Community
    ✅Whitepaper launch
    ✅Community Building starts
    ✅Telegram members 50,000
    ✅Crypto Inu Holders 200,000
    ✅Twitter Followers 20,000

    Listing & Audit
    ✅Coinmarketcap Listing
    ✅Coingecko Listing
    ✅BscScan Listing
    ✅TrustWallet Listing
    ✅CEXs Listing
    ✅SolidProof Audit
    ⌛ CertiK Audit

    ✅Media Releases
    ⌛ Digital Billboard Marketing
    ✅Google, IG Ads
    ⌛ Twitter Trending
    ⌛ AMA by Founder

    Game & Design
    ⌛ Design of NFT items
    ✅NFT Marketplace v1
    ⌛ Metaverse Assets Design
    ✅Interactive Marketplace
    ✅Virtual City
    ✅abcDEXT Beta Launch
  • PHASE 2 - Q2 2022

  • Community
    ⌛ Telegram members 150,000
    ⌛ Crypto Inu Holders 500,000
    ⌛ Twitter Followers 50,000
    ⌛ Meetup Events

    ⌛ Dapp Listing
    ⌛ CEXs Listing

    ⌛ Media Releases
    ⌛ Billboard Marketing
    ⌛ Google, IG Ads
    ⌛ Celebrity Marketing
    ⌛ AMA by Project Team

    Game & Design
    ⌛ Integration with Binance NFT Marketplace
    ⌛ Launch of $ABCD GameFi
    ⌛ PvP System
    ⌛ Interactive Marketplace
    ⌛ DAO Guild System
    ⌛ abcDEXT Launch
  • PHASE 3 - Q3,Q4 2022

  • Community
    ⌛ Telegram members 250,000
    ⌛ Crypto Inu Holders 800,000
    ⌛ Twitter Followers 100,000

    Listing & Audit
    ⌛ Top Tier CEXs Listing

    ⌛ Media Releases
    ⌛ Billboard Advertisement
    ⌛ Metro Station Advertisemnet
    ⌛ Google, IG Ads
    ⌛ Twitter Trending
    ⌛ Offline Game Tournament

    Game & Design
    ⌛ Launch on Solana, Polygon chain
    ⌛ Cross-Chain Bridge
    ⌛ Metaverse Shopping and Ads System
    ⌛ Guild Quest
    ⌛ Metaverse abcDEXT Trading & Charting


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Crypto Inu Team

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Peter Nicholas Keusg...
Peter Nicholas Keusgen
Lead UI/UX Design, Lead Web Dev, Marketing
Stephen Mills
Metaverse and Graphic Design Lead, Branding and So...
Paul Marcus
Engagement and Marketing, Physical Merchandise

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