Crypto Frogs

Crypto Frogs

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Crypto Frogs is an NFT collection of 7,777 avatars of frogs living on the SOLANA network. With hundreds of artistic elements, high fashion features, and monochrome aesthetics, each avatar It was prepared by a team of 8 people. There are very rare frogs wearing NBA jerseys among the frogs drawn with more than 500 features in total. These are the jerseys of all the teams in the NBA league. These jerseys are an exact imitation of real jerseys.
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About Crypto Frogs

future of frogs

Crypto Frogs is a game-ready NFT in the meta universe. It consists of 7777 super rare aesthetically elaborate hand-drawn and algorithmically generated characters. Built from 42 core characters and over 500 features. Each Character is a presentation of exquisite artistic taste and creative thinking never seen before in the NFT community. Crypto Frogs NFT will be the good frogs trying to save the city from the evil frogs in the metaverse game and it will be called Frog Wars.


A number of scientists are beginning to investigate the ability of frogs to freeze themselves in the winter and come back to life when the weather warms up. Their aim was to impose this feature on the human race, to extend human lifespan and to freeze diseased humans until new treatment methods will be found in the future, but after a series of procedures, they unwittingly created a new species by uploading human DNA to frogs. this new species became a species with minds and emotions just like humans. In this series of 7777 created nfts, you will see these frogs trying to reproduce and live like humans.

Crypto Frogs Roadmap

  • Jan 2022

  • Gathering of the founding team.
    Character and Design planning
  • Feb 2022

  • Drawings started
    Login to Twitter and Discord
  • Mar 2022

  • Research and development
  • Apr 2022

  • Involvement of the software team
  • Read More
  • MAy 2022

  • Creation of 7777 frogs
  • Jun 2022

  • Whitelist draws
  • Jul 2022

  • White list sales
    Public sale
  • Sep 2022

  • Introduction to the meta universe
    Big concert event in meta universe that can be entered with purchased characters
  • Oct 2022

  • The start of the 3D frog wars game in preparation


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Crypto Frogs Team

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Fırat Özbey
Conroy Hall
Community Manager
Hector Allen
Twitter Moderator
Poul Scott
Discord Moderator
Vsevelod Kuznetsov
Adlhard Bauer

Crypto Frogs Last News

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