Crypto Farms

Crypto Farms

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Collect, Play and Earn in this new game one Wax blockchain!
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Token Distribution
50% for the maintenance of the project and the creation of future projects (new employees, equipments, marketing, etc.)
30% for the treasure fund
20% for the developers
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About Crypto Farms

Looking at the NFT gaming community, we want to deliver a game with a good economy where players can be rewarded. We want to grow with the community and learn from it. So that together we can go farther and farther and everyone can help each other.


Be Transparent

We always want to be close to the community, to discuss solutions and improvements.

Be Committed

We will do what the best game possible by maintaining stability within the project, as well as a healthy economy for the Crypto Farms community.

Be Respectful

We will respectfully listen to the community ideas. Our team will carefully review the criticisms, suggestions and improvements presented to us by the members of the Crypto Farms' community.

Be Responsible

We will ensure that all updates, improvements and fixes will be done carefully and responsibly.

Be Ethical

We will be honest and forthright in our work as well all our interactions with the Crypto Farms community to guarantee all above values.

Crypto Farms Roadmap

  • February 2022

  • 02/11 - Start of the whitelist campaing (completed)
    02/18 - End of the whitelist campaing (completed)
    02/19 - First sale (whitelist) (completed)
    02/20 - Start of second whitelist campaing (completed)
    02/25 - End of second whitelist campaing
    02/26 - Second sale (whitelist)
  • March 2022

  • 03/05 - Last sale (public)
    03/05 - Launch event
    Development of new card rarities
    Development phase of a notify app
    Creation of community events
    Start of new projects planning
    Start of using money from AdSense to burn tokens (Google didn't accepted, but we got some third party ads earlier on our website tough)
  • April 2022

  • Craft Event
    Employee hiring event
    New mechanics of burning
    Partnerships with other projects
    Benchmark with the overall market
    Development of a Crypto Raffle plataform (burnin' system)
  • Q2 2022

  • Launch of Crypto Raffle app
    Special Giveaway event of "mint number 1" through the Crypto Raffle
    Start of advertising about a new mini-game
    Launch a new mini-game
    Planning a partnership with retro games
    Comunity Events
    Limited minting events
    Blending system (burnin' system)
  • Read More
  • Q3 2022

  • Employee hiring event
    Launch of new games
    Comunity Events


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Crypto Farms Team

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Wesley Dias
CEO | Blockchain Specialist
Michel Raupp
Creation Director - UX/UI
Rafael Freitas
Software Engineer

Crypto Farms Last News

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