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Blockchain has huge positive implications in what is supposed to be one of the most important industry i.e. Healthcare. Yes, the adoption of Blockchain technology in Healthcare is still in it’s early stages but to support the fact that Blockchain has a key role to play in Healthcare industry, a recent survey conducted by Deloitte last year revealed that 35% of the organizations planned to implement Blockchain in their processes. The most by any other industry, this shows the need of it’s features.

With Blockchain coming into Healthcare the organizations are optimistic that this will have a positive impact in:

  • Managing huge piles of data
  • Auditability across Clinical trials, financial transactions, claims, etc.
  • Transparency
  • Enhanced security
  • Collaboration and interoperability

And this is Just a start which the Healthcare industry is heading towards implementing a value based care.

Communication Service Providers majorly the Telecom Service Providers will see major impact when they start adapting Blockchain Technology. Communication Service Providers have to deal with number of processes, the complexity is that there are a number of sub-processes within them.

Right from customer acquisition they get into identification, collecting billing info, maintaining records of numbers and licenses, complaints and performance improvements, towers, supply chain, stakeholders and the list goes on. Maintaining the tracks of each and every task which is to be recorded brings in scope for fraudulent activities. This is where Blockchain can come to your rescue.


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