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Wayki Chain

Developed on WaykiChain public chain, WaykiBet is a decentralized platform that can make strangers betting transactions matching without any trust cost, deliver payout automatically using smart contract, and record all transactions on blockchain without handling fee. In WaykiBet, users can get the best and fairest betting experience.

About Wayki Chain

WaykiTimes, the upgraded version of WaykiChain V2.0, is mainly designed for WaykiChain and cryptocurrency investors, developers and business partners. In addition to its wallet function, WaykiTimes has also added news and community modules. WaykiTimes is the one and only official platform for you to get thorough information of WaykiChain project. In WaykiTimes, you can easily get to know the latest WaykiChain updates, freely post and comment in community, and discuss hot topics with other crypto enthusiasts. At the same time, WaykiTimes also has WICC transfer and lock functions.
  WaykiChain is a Turing-complete smart contract platform. It adopts DPOS consensus mechanism to set up 11 voting nodes and generate a new block every 10 seconds. The confirmed transaction speed can reach 1000+TPS verified by the WaykiChain mainnet operation.
 WaykiChain adopts DPOS consensus mechanism. When a user locks his/her WICC, he/she will earn corresponding votes. Every vote can be cast for 11 candidates at most. Voted users will be awarded corresponding interest.
 WaykiChain would apply its own sidechain technology, which allows the applications based on WaykiChain to have their own sidechains. Sidechains are mutually exclusive and are able to set up their own consensus mechanisms, sidechain assets, and block generating intervals. Users will be required to download corresponding sidechain data only when using specific applications.  


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Gao Hang
Wayki Sun
Tony Chau
Co-founder & CBO
Tame Huang
Chief Consultant
Xi Zhang
Ken Huang
WaykiChain Technical Support
Ma Long
Chain Technical Support
Hang Gao

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