Japan Content Token Project, JCT Project, realizes a platform which allows visitors, especially from overseas, to search and to experience various Japan “contents” by using the blockchain technology


There exists virtually no project with this kind of objectives regardless of whether based on the blockchain technology or not. JCT will create a platform generating totally new values. This platform will, then, provide to its participants with clear benefits by leveraging three factors of the blockchain technology, to be described later. Besides, from the onset, the JCT project will involve experienced business entities as group
companies to leverage the platform and also plans specific affiliations, which will be released soon. Moreover, this platform includes a mechanism to minimize the excessive liquidity of tokens in exchange markets by assuring the siphoning-off of tokens from the market in accordance with the platform usage. Furthermore, the initial token to be issued will be approximately 30 million, and the token volume will be gradually increased up to 180 million over a course of a decade, by monitoring the platform growth. This project is led by a management team of entrepreneurs with listing experience of multiple corporations, with depth of business-development experience, and leading art directors of
This management team is supported by powerful partners, Cybex, one of the most influential advocates of the Blockchain industry born in China, and Monstar Lab, Inc., which holds multiple global R&D centers. This the JCT project is the first project in Japan, backed by actual businesses, a strong development system, and a management team with deep experiences.

Welcome to “JCT”, Japan Content Token which is a unique ticket distribution platform where people, from Asian countries of rapid economic growth, could access to the Japan contents, rich but still hidden, with Smart Contract tokens of crypto-currency by leveraging Blockchain technologies.


Kenichi Saito
Chief Executive Officer
Hirochika Horiuchi
Chief Creative Officer
Tomoyuki Uno
Head of project management
Noriyuki Izawa
Blockchain Specialist
Daisuke Hirata
Chief Technology Officer
Takumi Fujioka
Head of cost management
Shunsuke Azuma
Director for content management
Kazuki Obata
Director for content creation
Kullen Ozaki
Director for content quality control
Ayako Ishikawa
Marketing Director
Yukihiro Shirakawa
Marketing Director

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