IBC Group Limited

IBC Group Limited

The opportunities for blockchain businesses are expanding exponentially. Our success stories represent our commitment to preparation, expertise, and results. When these values meet opportunity, success follows.

About IBC Group Limited

IBC is a full-service blockchain consulting agency. Providing fundraising, development, marketing, legal, strategy, and advisory solutions, IBC helps promising start-ups and established companies fundraise, design, build and deploy blockchain projects, and works with larger organizations incorporate the technology into their company. Recognizing blockchain as a transformative technology for the efficient management of information and value and the integration of IoT in the move to web 3.0, Mario gathered a global team of industry leaders in blockchain programming, ICO/STO consulting, and business management as it specifically relates to decentralized projects. In less than a year, IBC has risen to become the recognized blockchain industry authority.


Khurram Shroff
Mario Nawfal
Founder | CEO | Investor
Raghuram Bala
Academic, Serial Entrepreneur & Educator
Dr. Jason Corbett
Founder and Managing Partner of Silk Legal & Inter...
Matthew Proffitt
Blockchain and Decentralization Expert, Strategic...
Barnaby Andersun
ICO Entrepeneur, Blockchain & Brand Strategist
Alexander Rodriguez
Managing Attorney of Blockchain Legal, P.C.
H.e. Khurram Shroff

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