Community Business Token

Community Business Token

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Created using Figma
CBT provides a transparent and stable trading platform to the benefit of both the service and product providers and their customers. DigitalFlyer, along with CBT, is more than just a business listing or marketplace: It is funded, updated and maintained by the business community and our business members. It is anticipated that every one-man business, small to medium enterprise, and start-up will be using DigitalFlyer and it's digital trading and business service platform, powered by CBT.
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Feb 28, 2020
Feb 28, 2021
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Community Business Token
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South Africa
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Feb 28, 2020
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01 Sep - 30 Nov
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About Community Business Token

Business and Marketing Platform

CBT is not just something that would be done in the future but an extension of an existing and growing business platform. CBT is not a future planned concept but a living and growing community infrastructure.

CBC has been established to further expand our comprehensive business platform that is DigitalFlyer. We are adding our own digital currency to our platform for you, our client, to expand your existing business by minimizing your expenses and maximizing your profits and capital expense when becoming a business member and CBC holder.


At the time of this document the team was investigating the best suited blockchain to be used or the possibility of developing our own blockchain wallet based on ETH20 or implementing the K-Merchant platform from Karatbars. The decision will be based on the best suited, most reliable blockchain solution, before the end of the ICO. The existing platform was developed using Meteor, which has an already strong blockchain adoption and enabled, with the highest priority given to security measures, which are of the highest standard for CBC’s ICO, leading to its launch on selected crypto exchanges in 12 months’ time.


Registered CBC members will have their own secured Backoffice with a 2-way factor authenticator. From the Backoffice, registered members will:

  1. Keep their personal information updated
  2. Purchase CBC packages
  3. Track their own referrals
  4. Track their CBC growth and cash pay-outs
  5. Stay up-to-date with the latest press releases and updates


DigitalFlyer Overview:

Firstly, it is important to understand DigitalFlyer’s business offering in order to appreciate its value as the chosen vehicle for the Initial Community Business Coin Offering. Digital marketing is the most powerful marketing platform yet in the history of our planet. We have access to around 3.5 billion users via smart devices, enabling you to sell just about anything to anyone. The trick is for you and your customer to find each other. A digital marketing base makes it possible for you to start or boost a business more easily than was possible in the past.


DigitalFlyer is a business-to-customer (B2C), as well as a business-to-business (B2B) platform focussed on serving small to medium enterprises, connecting customers to their chosen service provider or product. DigitalFlyer is an established and growing marketing and business service platform.


You started your business to make more money. You want to do what you enjoy and profit from it. In order to do that you need your time to be available to you to generate more business and more profit, not to spend time and most of your budget on administration, invoicing, marketing, social media and websites. We have created a, growing and evolving, toolkit that does all that for only R600.00 ($40) a year. By joining our network and community we multiply the value of your R600.00 ($40) many times over. DigitalFlyer is not a middleman, but an enabler and connector.


We provide you with the means to free up your time so that you can focus on your health, wealth and happiness. Our platform achieves this by lightening the administration and marketing load at an affordable price by opening the communication channels between those looking for a service and those providing it. You and your customer target each other which makes landing new business a pleasure. The platform adapts to your industry to upskill, train and empower you at whichever experience level or business stage you are at by providing you with a customisable one-stop business marketing and, ever evolving, administration platform. Our modules will streamline any business so that you are able to focus not only on doing business, but on creating wealth.


DigitalFlyer charges a R600.00 ($40) annual business membership fee for the following services which we call business modules:


Business and Marketing Platform

Your business profile can be found via web searches on our web platform and app.


Other modules that will be available as a growing list of separate add-ons to your directory are:

  • Recruitment made easy on our Job Seekers and Job Givers platform
  • Outsourcing platform for specific contractors, such as developers
  • Second-hand car sales section
  • Real-estate section


Full eCommerce Module

We provide you with the option of integrating with one or all the below online payment merchant accounts. This enables you to get paid with no commissions charged by DigitalFlyer for any sales. All commissions will be charged according to the contract with the respective payment merchant. We will always be researching the best suited payment gateways and continue to add more options.

  • Sage Pay (Enabled) – DigitalFlyer is the only platform that allows for multi Sage Pay account integration, meaning each of our business members can integrate their own Sage Pay account to their DigitalFlyer profile, and be paid directly.
  • Chips Money Manager (Under review)
  • K-Merchant (Under review)
  • PayFast (Under review)
  • PayPal (Under review)



Events Management Module

Any business member or user can use the Events Listing module to list upcoming events free of charge. Business members can use the full events management system to sell tickets, add merchandise and manage an event’s ticket sales.


Appointment Booking Module

All business members can use the booking system to manage their appointments. This plug-in is designed for service-based businesses, such as hairdressers, massage therapists, estate agents doing house viewings, or any other service that books out specific time slots for customers. The customer can book a desired time slot and even pay a deposit if required. Both the customer and business member will be able to track and modify their appointments.


Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

All business members will be able to manage their customer relationships and track the status of their sales and leads via the CRM module.


Email Marketing

Email funnel – The business member has the option of creating multiple funnel mails and execute said funnel at their leisure. The platform will be POPI Act enabled, and each member will have the ability to build their own email lists.


Social Media Module

All business members will be able to integrate the major social media platforms into their marketing strategy and publish articles, messages, service or products from a centralised dashboard to all their selected social media platforms. This module will also be able to track the success of marketing campaigns, enabling our business members to adapt their marketing campaigns to maximize customer reach.


Accounting Module

All business members will be able to access basic accounting functionality on our system. Included will be the ability to action and record the following information on the fly:

  • Quotation
  • Invoicing
  • Purchase Orders
  • Slip Management
  • VAT Management
  • Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation


Stock Management Module

All business members will be able to manage their stock directly from their dashboard. Stock levels can be customised with an automatic ordering setup and early warning system when stock levels are low. This plug-in will be fully integrated into the eCommerce module.


Human Resources Module

Business members will be able to manage all employee records from their dashboard, advertise available positions and publish basic job requirements.


Legal Contracts and Administration Manager Module

Business members will have a fully integrated legal file system to store, secure and manage all contracts and legal advice.


Public users i.e. customers will benefit from the following free of charge:

A personalised dashboard offering functionalities such as:

  • Favourites list
  • Transactions list
  • Appointment calendar
  • Personalised and family shopping list (shared and accessible from various devices)
  • Holiday planning chart
  • Personalised communication preference, such as specials or location notifications
  • Points reward tracking and management plug-in


The DigitalFlyer platform is adaptable and constantly evolves as we receive feedback from business members and their customers. It is with this community of production and exchange that we have decided to grow the platform’s ability to create wealth and opportunity for our members and their customers alike. We invite you to continue reading as we introduce you to our Community Business Coin.

Technical Info

DigitalFlyer and CBC Technical Overview

User Interface and Communication

DigitalFlyer’s business members will manage and administrate their tasks via a web interface available on all major web browsers.  Basic tasks and communications will be done via the app interface.


Public user functionality will be available via the web and app interfaces. The app interface has been built on React Native for the fastest operation and phone OS integration. The app is available on iOS and Android stores.


All communication will take place digitally, utilising blog posts, via the member’s back office which will keep business members and users updated on our latest news. Our own integrated chat module will provide a real time support platform where we can quickly respond to business member and user queries. Social media platforms will be used to communicate public news and updates. The aim of all our communication channels is to maximise efficiency and minimize costs to our business model. The acquisition of on-going concerns will add a further market value growth to DigitalFlyer, resulting in the increased value of the CBC, which is linked as a tradable coin between DigitalFlyer business members and clients alike.



DigitalFlyer is a market leader in the field of digital marketing and business support. The team strives to provide top quality service to businesses and their clients by streamlining the process of connecting business to client and client to business. DigitalFlyer sources and provides best-of-breed business support partners, accounting systems and support services. We can offer this at an affordable price because we already have an active and operational platform, delivering on quality and focused on quantity.


Now, DigitalFlyer has gone one step further by introducing the Community Business Coin and our Initial Coin Offering. We created a space where our business members and their customers can generate wealth by partaking in and trading with CBC’s on our existing platform. We invite you to partake in our CBC ICO during our 12-month cycle and reap the potential benefit of an estimated 3000% growth on your initial buy-in or CBC value at the end of the ICO. Furthermore, you could not just increase your share of CBC’s by referring customers, business partners and friends. Our shared goal is more business, more profit and ultimate wealth generation, converting individual businesses and one man shows to self-sustaining prospering communities.

Community Business Token Roadmap

  • Community Business Expo

  • Regular expo's were held but due to covid-19, got put on hold till further notice
  • HelpLift platform

  • The HelpLift platform was developed as part of the community drive and can be found at
  • CBT Wallet

  • Deadline was set for December 2020 but wallet is already active and being used by members
  • Launch CBT on exchanges

  • Time frame is once ICO completes CBT to be listed on various exchanges


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