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Colony ICO is the development of technologies developed in the layer of people in decentralized Protocol, which provides open, unprecedented protocols to create subtle products without complex backup software.
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We want to ensure the future upgradability of the deployed system as we foresee the Colony Network being continuously developed. Providing an upgrade path is important to allow people to use Colon without preventing themselves using new features as they are added to the Network. We intend to allow colonies and tokens to be upgraded by using the pattern made available under the name EtherRouter. This implementation uses two contracts in addition to the contract(s) providing the functionality implemented. The first additional contract is the EtherRouter contract, which passes on transactions — via delegatecall — to the contract that implements that function. The second additional contract is the Resolver contract, where the addresses of the contracts that implement the desired behaviour are defined. Whenever a transaction is received by the EtherRouter contract, it looks up the contract that implements that function (if any) in the Resolver, and then delegatecalls that contract. In order to upgrade, new contracts are deployed with new functionality, and then contracts that the Resolver contract points to must be changed to point to these new contracts. In order to avoid a situation where the contract partially implements both old and new functionality, a new instance of Resolver will be deployed for each upgrade, and then a single transaction can point EtherRouter at the new Resolver. We will ensure that in the case of a colony, the choice of upgrading the underlying Colony contract will never lie with the Colony Network. While the network is in control of what upgrades are available, they are not able to force any colony to upgrade the underlying contracts. The colony itself must decide that it wants to upgrade to a new version.


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