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CoinCrib is a crypto online shopping marketplace with its own in-house payment system and banking. We make it easy to sell products, book events, pay for tuition, or rent goods worldwide without borders.

CoinCrib provides:
🔹WEB 3 & E-Commerce Hub
🔹DeFi, Payment & Crypto Exchange
🔹Voting & Social Donation

We enable the full power of crypto and break down borders. It is possible to trade crypto or fiat worldwide. Easily create your own NFTs quickly without further know-how. Use our payment app to pay for your shopping cart anywhere in the world instantly.
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About Coincrib

Within the blockchain industry, staying current with the latest requirements is even more crucial, as it is a rapidly evolving and dynamic space that is driving significant innovation across various sectors. Given the potential impact of blockchain technology, organizations that keep up with the latest advancements and regulatory developments will be best positioned to seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. As such, staying abreast of the latest requirements and standards within the blockchain industry is essential to unlocking the full potential of this transformative technology.

Coincrib S.A. is a fintech and crypto company based in Panama with a lofty mission to revolutionize the trading industry by providing a comprehensive and easily accessible marketplace for everyone. The platform aims to simplify the trading process by bringing together material, virtual, and financial systems in one place, creating a faster, sustainable, secure, and barrier-free trading experience for B2B, B2C, and C2C sectors.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital currencies and e-commerce, the lack of central platforms that unite everything remains a major challenge in the crypto world. Many traders face significant obstacles that prevent them from accessing and using these platforms. However, Coincrib's complex trading platform seeks to address this issue by accepting cryptocurrency payments globally and introducing an all-in-one trading marketplace.

One of the major issues currently facing traders is the various barriers on different trading platforms, making it difficult for traders with limited budgets to participate. Moreover, these platforms often require complex identification processes, lack accessibility and transparency, and are prone to errors. Transactions between cryptocurrencies, commodities, goods, and converting to fiat are also challenging, further adding to the problem. To solve these issues, Coincrib's platform will offer a wide range of services for commercial and private customers, including a booking portal for travel, holiday homes, experiences, gastronomy, online tutors, and virtual and physical products and services. Additionally, the company aims to establish its bank and crypto exchange as part of the platform, providing a comprehensive and all-in-one trading experience for all its customers.

As a Panamanian fintech and crypto company, Coincrib seeks to provide a solution that opens up a complex trading venue to a wider audience worldwide and processes transactions faster, more transparently, and more cost-effectively than other platforms. The company plans to use its profits to strengthen its position and reinvest in commodities such as gold & silver, real estate, or innovative business models to secure profits and assets.

Coincrib aims to provide a fairer and more transparent marketplace, eliminating concerns about provenance and safety. The company has ten years of experience trading on crypto and regular platforms and markets, making it experts in the field of investment technologies. This combination of experience and insight enables the company to offer secure, highly transparent, and flexible services. Coincrib's services have been reviewed and selected by its team of experts with assured knowledge, providing investors with access to global assets, transactions, and projects that are typically only available on global platforms and auction houses.

Coincrib's unique combination of experience and insight enables it to offer secure, highly transparent, and flexible services to investors worldwide. To mark the beginning of its journey towards implementing complex transaction processing and a novel trading platform, Coincrib will launch its first Initial Coin/Exchange/DEX Offering using the CRIB token. The company aims to build a platform that will continue to grow with future Coincrib offerings, making it a onestop-shop for all trading needs.

In conclusion, Coincrib S.A. is set to transform the trading industry by providing a complex and accessible trading marketplace for everyone, eliminating barriers and providing faster, sustainable, and secure trading opportunities. The company's unique combination of experience and insight enables it to offer secure, highly transparent, and flexible services to investors worldwide. With its focus on innovation and reinvestment, Coincrib is poised to take the trading industry by storm and establish itself as a market leader in the years to come.

At Coincrib, we envision a world where everyone has access to a comprehensive marketplace that offers everything they need, including previously unattainable wealthbuilding strategies. We believe that financial freedom and control should be accessible to all, and we aim to provide the tools to make this a reality through our CRIB token and other tokenized products. Our goal is to become a leading provider of e-commerce and digital securities, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to serve a global audience.

We aspire to offer futuristic products like NFTs and Metaverse products, as well as everyday services like schooling, shopping, medical assistance, and banking, all accessible through our secure and user-friendly platform. By breaking down borders and offering unparalleled privacy, we seek to create a truly global business ecosystem that empowers individuals and communities worldwide.

Coincrib's mission is to revolutionize blockchain investments by making them more accessible and easier to navigate. Our experienced team combines traditional trading marketplaces with cutting-edge technologies to establish ourselves as industry leaders. With over a decade of experience, we understand the challenges in these industries and believe that crypto technologies have matured and are now secure enough to create digital utilities in an attractive and complex trading marketplace. Our passion and commitment to our mission set us apart, and we are excited to continue making a significant impact in the industry through our innovative approach.

Coincrib Roadmap

  • PHASE 1

  • 1. Pre-sale for $CRIB token & connect to investors
    Token sale to raise liquidity and expand our team. VC pitching to raise liquidity and either speed up development or improve quality.

    2. Financial distribution, planning the marketplace
    Distribution of financial resources and start of conversation with the developer to launch the marketplace and its features.

    3. Start development
    Begin with marketplace development Work on import plugins & marketing strategy.

    4. Start testing
    Start with alpha testing and marketing campaigns. After testing, stores can start uploading inventory and set up CRIB WALLET. Parallel marketing to reach dealers.

    5. Public sale & launch on exchange
    Public sale and token launch. Preparation for obtaining a banking, crypto exchange license and launching the marketplace.
  • PHASE 2

  • 1. Launch Coincrib V1 & implement DeFi products
    Launch of the platform 1.0. Start selling and buying in crypto or fiat. Start applying for a banking and crypto exchange license. Develop DeFi products like Staking.

    2. Develop the payment platform & exchange
    Planning of the payment system, exchange, app development for Android & iOS. Prepare for listing on several exchanges.

    3. Apply banking licence & expand marketplace
    Applying for a banking license to set up a new payment service & exchange.

    4. Connect the marketplace with new payment system
    Implementation of payment service and exchange to improve user experience, reduce transaction fees and become more independent.

    5. Full launch of Coincrib V2
    Full launch of Coincrib V2, including CEX-/ DEX apps, bookings, events and global payment in fiat & crypto currencies.

Coincrib Team

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Arcangelo Magno
"Founder & CEO"

Coincrib Last News

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