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When the user uses the CoFiX protocol, a certain transaction fee will be locked in the CoFiX DAO;

CoFiX Repurchase means that users can exchange COFI Token and DAO contract transactions into ETH, thus reducing the circulation of COFI Token and enhancing its intrinsic value.
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  Price calculation mechanism 3.1 Price source The prices on the CoFiX exchange come from the NEST oracle. Each asset pool corresponds to a NEST oracle price pair. Examples: ETH-USDT asset pool, the price is from NEST's ETH/USDT oracle. 3.2 Price compensation coefficient K The risk of using a decentralized oracle like NEST is caused by the deviation of oracle prices and the delay between the current block and the block with the latest effective NEST price. CoFiX needs to compensate for this risk when quoting prices from NEST to ensure that the market maker is sufficiently incentivized to continue making the market. Compensation factor K is the coefficient related to the volatility rate δ and delay T. When a trader makes a transaction, he does not directly use price P but rather P' =P*(1+K) (or P' =P*(1-K)).   Similarly, when a market maker enters and exits the market, they use the price variable P' instead of P. This price is known as the transaction price. The detailed calculation for this is shown in the Trading Compensation of CoFiX. 3.3 Estimated price and execution price Since a transaction in Ethereum requires a certain waiting time from initiation to execution, and the price of the NEST oracle is always in the updated state, there will be a certain difference between the price when the transaction is initiated and executed. Here we define the estimated price and execution price.


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