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Cityblock Capital ICO is a venture capital company that launches various funds geographically. They believe that the future is digital and we believe that the technology that brings us there is a block chain. CitiBlock Capital with multiple partnerships that have earned high reputation shows a posture in the industry to wave in the coming years.
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About CityBlock Capital

Traditional investing in foreign start-ups is typically met with high levels of resistance.  This may occur though simple accessibility, or through a lack of liquidity.

Both of these issues have a negative effect on both the investor and the start-up themselves.  The investor is deterred due to the hurdles that must be cleared, and the start-up suffers because they may be passed over for another company.

Finally, money is limited.  There needs to be a way to tap into a larger investment pool.  If this is achieved, along with the removal of liquidity and accessibility issues, the industry’s future will look bright.

CityBlock Capital believes they have an answer to the issues raised above.  The company intends to launch various VC funds targeted towards different markets.  Their current flagship fund is specifically geared towards start-ups based in New York City.  This fund is known as NYCQ, and totals $20million.

Through the implementation of blockchain, a simple idea is made possible.  CityBlock capital is able to provide start-ups with capital to help them along their way.  This is drawn from a pool of capital, globally, rather than being restricted to the United States.  Those that invest and provide this capital receive a digital version of a ‘share’ in the fund.  This digitized share is known as a security token.

This token provides international investors accessibility to start-ups in the United States.  Investors within the United States are only required to invest $25,000 or more, while international investors can start with as little as $1000.

At the same time, investors have the luxury of high levels of liquidity.  Through partnerships with trading platforms such as AirSwap, these tokens can be traded easily.  This is enticing to investors, as they are not locked into their investments long term if they do not want to be.

By following these simple steps, CityBlock Capital has increased accessibility, liquidity, and appeal of their planned funds.

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