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ChronoLogic is the vision of time merging with the blockchain. It’s an introduction of the concept of Proof-of-Time for blockchain technologies & practical applications. The first phase of the ChronoLogic project is the DAY token afterwhich the concept will be expanded to allow practical implementation of Proof-of-Time by other projects & entities.
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Aug 27, 2017
Sep 27, 2017
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About ChronoLogic

The first generation of cryptocurrencies have been based on the concepts of mining & staking.
ChronoLogic works on proof-of-time. In its first use-case ChronoLogic pegs time to a store of value token named DAY based on the Ethereum blockchain.

How does it work?

Each ICO participant will contribute between 1 and 333 ETH and their Ethereum address will become one of 3,333 TimeMints.
Where 1 ETH = 24 DAY. With a maximum of 333 ETH per timemint.
Each TimeMint will create DAY tokens based on time and the TimeMint’s ChronoPower.
ICO participants will benefit both from having a TimeMint linked to their contribution address and the DAY tokens they purchase, both of which can be traded.
As the Proof-of-Time concept works based on an ethereum smart contract, the minting process will work automatically based on your address and the passage of time.
To limit the total supply of DAY in the future, each TimeMint’s ChronoPower will halve every 88 days.

What is ChronoPower?

ChronoPower is the minting power of a specific TimeMint,
Each of the 3,333 TimeMints has a different ChronoPower ranging from 0.5% to 1% additional DAY tokens minted per day.

What if I want to trade my TimeMint?

TimeMint holders may sell their TimeMint to a buyer.
ChronoLogic has a process called TimeTx that allows the sale/transfer of TimeMints to a buyer/receiver through a trustless smart contract process.


- Enabling several industries to include time-based logic on the blockchain
- Reward system based on time
- Token minting though the passage of time, only for ETH addresses that participate in the ICO
- First Crypto Token pegged to time
- Ability to transfer minting power to other addresses, trustlessly

Technical Info

Technical details:  ERC-20 Token based on Ethereum The source code: Proof of developer:  Public team

ChronoLogic Roadmap

  • July - August 2017

  • WHA Application concept development;
  • September 2017

  • Whitepaper preparation;Pre-sale preparation - we are here;
  • 16 October 2017

  • The WHA pre-sale campaign;
  • October - November 2017

  • The preparation to public launch of the WHA Project application;The marketing and preparation to WHA ICO seed-round;
  • Read More
  • 11 December 2017

  • Presentation of the WHA Application concept;ICO seed-round;
  • 4th quarter 2017 - 2nd quarter 2018

  • The development of the in-house blockchain as an Ethereum fork;The launch of mining on the in-house blockchain;The development of wallet;The marketing of the WHA Project product in a few countries;The launch of contextual advertising for the WHA App;
  • 02 July 2018

  • The ICO launch;WHA Project will start accepting WHA as a means of payment in internal App market;The marketing of the WHA Project App all over the world;Further app development and support.


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$15 000 000

Deven Soni
Eric Weiss
Tosh Sharma
Jovar Gaylan
Lee Pennington
Sakaar Bhatia
Alexander Shevtsov
Justin Jovanovic
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Chrono Logic aims to change the way we use blockchain technology by introducing a new concept called proof of time. The only way tokens are produced is through the passage of time. It’s a totally different concept than proof of stake and proof of work mining, and it has the potential to create an entire new segment of the blockchain industry – similar to how Ethereum facilitated the rise of ICOs with its smart contract technology.

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