Chill Benji NFT

Chill Benji NFT

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
You’ve heard of Benjamin Franklin — revolutionary, wordsmith, dudebro on the $100. But what about Chill Benji? His alter-ego and Floundering Father, who left that toxic political mess for the chill life.
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About Chill Benji NFT

Traveling all over the world, Chill Benji ended up in Europe, and more precisely, in Germany. And here he saw someone who led an even more idle and carefree life than himself. It was a German Shepherd puppy dog, who seemed to be a stray, with no one around to claim or care for him. The dog was loafing around with a few other strays, and it was pretty full of joy i.e. chill. That’s why Chill Benji fell in love with the little moocher pup and decided to adopt him, and called him 'GSD', short for ‘German Shepherd Dog’. The two have now become inseparable while returning to the US and after they returned. This is the way Benji starts his own family. There's a lot to come on their journey together, while the puppy grows older. And new rare NFTs can be added to the already known 10k 3D artworks. But already now, holders of uniquely rare Chill Benji’s NFTs are getting whitelist opportunities into upcoming collections, plus pre-sole pricing on future collections.

Chill Benji NFT Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • 10,000 ‘Chill Benji’ Collection Drop
    Mint Date: July 2nd 2022
  • Phase 2

  • Chill Benji listed on Rarity.Tools and Rarity Sniper
  • Phase 3

  • 5,000 ‘Chill Benji Travels’ Collection Drop
    Mint Date: September 1st 2022
  • Phase 4

  • 1,500 ‘Chill GSD Puppy’ Collection Drop
    Mint Date: December 1st 2022
  • Read More
  • Phase 5

  • 2,500 ‘Chill GSD’ Collection Drop
    Mint Date: January 1st 2023
  • Phase 6

  • Collection will be discussed and selected with our holders.


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