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CDO.Finance is the first yield farming protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to offer structured derivative products that offers adjustments in yield leverage and risk exposure. We are a fair launch project with an entirely bootstrapped product (no investors!), with no pre-sale or pre-mine of tokens. Through CDO.Finance, we hope to expand on the possibilities of decentralised yield farming and create a more inclusive solution, by giving risk-averse and/or capital-constrained users a chance at benefiting from yield farming as well!
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Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
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About CDO.Finance

Working in similar fashion to its counterpart traditional finance, created CDOs are derivative products that are backed by an underlying cash flow generating asset, such as tokens that are sent to a lending pool to farm yield. Users that subscribe to a CDO are then classified to different risk and reward profiles, to provide efficiently created inherent risk adjustment and financial leverage benefits between investors without requiring additional remedial action(such as taking on 3rd party insurance for risk or paying high interest for leverage).

Fluid choice of risk/reward options allow users to get the yield returns and risk exposure they want.

At the end of every CDO contract, yield and investment principals are paid out in a waterfall fashion, with senior tranche participants (lowest risk, lowered yield) having priority yield and principal repayment and junior tranche participants (higher risk, leveraged yield) having secondary yield and principal repayment. This creates effective protection for the senior tranche participants of the CDO contract by lower tranche participants, as their principal and expected returns are protected by subsequent tranches.

CDO.Finance Roadmap

  • Current CDO.Finance Epoch 0 Version

  • - Platform Fair Launch with CODEX token
    - CODEX Token Emission with deflationary model (preserving token value)
    - Flexible BNB/BTCB/BUSD Tranch Pools with CODEX rewards
    - Exchange LP Staking
    - Time-locked upgradable proxy contracts
  • Future Plans I

  • - Integration with yield sources for all tranches
    - CDO Contract Pools with Senior/Junior Tranching
    - Complete Smart Contract Audits
    - Create more single-source CDO Contracts
  • Future Plans II

  • - Addition of token buyback/burn mechanism from transaction revenue of CDO contacts (more deflationary measures for CODEX)
    - Implementation of Governance voting
    - More exchange (AMM +CEX) listings and more PancakeSwap pools for better liquidity
    - Add multi-sig to proxy contracts
  • Future Plans III

  • - Create multi-source CDO Contracts
    - Create CDO Contracts with further customisations in tranching/tenure
    - Expand CODEX token mechanisms (e.g writing CDO contracts, leverage fees)
    - Vertical Integration/expansion into direct lending markets or working with other protocols for liquidity into senior/tranches
    - Expand services across protocols
    - Create tradability functions for LP tokens of CDO contracts with existing tenure


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30 Days Growth:

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