CAPZ Rewards

CAPZ Rewards

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Created using Figma
An innovative rewards program to revolutionize the loyalty market
May 14, 2019
Aug 14, 2019
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About CAPZ Rewards

Have you ever stopped to think how the traditional financial system complicates everything?

Having multiple credit cards, bank accounts and rewards programs, paying dearly for it, while none of these things really work together.

CAPZ will solve all these problems. An innovative rewards token connected to a complete financial platform. Yes, we want to improve your finances by creating a system where everyone wins.

Rewards token

Buy and sell your CAPZ in our app and use them across our network of partners in exchange for products and services. An easy and free way to make your money worth more. Besides, your points never expire!

Digital Account

All funds transferred to your digital account will be invested in Brazilian government bonds, with 100% CDI returns (i.e. 6,5%/year).

Digital Credit Card

After opening your digital account, you will have access to your digital credit card with a credit limit that corresponds to the amount you've invested. Your funds will continuously yield even as you use your digital credit card.


All transactions carried out by you or a referred friend will generate cashback to you in CAPZ. This means you can get more than 20% back of what you spend over the year by using our system.

Community of Financial Services

Gain more from your network with CAPZ. Get cashback from your referred friend's transactions using your digital or physical credit card or QR code. You can even split bills with your friends using our app.


We work hard to make your money worth more. That is why all transactions in CAPZ are charge-free. Additionally, when you use your digital credit card you get 0.99% cashback for every transaction and a piece of the cashback generated by your referred friend's transactions.


We will create a rewards program and financial network where everyone wins…

…by connecting, simplifying and improving people’s finances. We are talking about an entirely new financial ecosystem at your disposal.

Invest your money in Brazilian government bonds: get access to your digital credit card and use it while your money continuously yields; use our app to split bills with friends; get cashback for each of these transactions; and on top of all that, with your rewards token you improve your finances at all times.

And it gets better, your transactions are charge-free and your CAPZ never expire!

Technical Info

How does it all work?

We will create a brand new network of loyalty points and payments where everyone wins. Invest your money in low risk Brazilian government bonds and get cashback of what you spend with your digital credit card throughout the year back to you in addition to points that can be exchanged for products and services across our network of partners; go shopping with your digital credit card while your money continuously yields; use our app to split bills with friends; get cashback in CAPZ for every transaction you or a referred friend makes. It’s a new way to improve your finances.

Sell and buy your points among other members of our community and use them to purchase products and services in our network of partners free of charge. And don’t worry, your points never expire!

CAPZ Rewards Roadmap

  • May - Jul 2019

  • ICO
  • Jul - Jan 2020

  • Product and network development
  • 1 sem. 2020

  • MVP Brasil
  • 2 sem. 2020

  • Growth Brasil + Cartão físico + Parceiros
  • Read More
  • 2021

  • Expansão LATAM
  • 2023

  • Expansão US + Cambio
  • 2024

  • Global


CAPZ Rewards Team

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Jorge Vargas Neto
Founder & CEO ZenCAP
Marcelo Nomoto
Co-founder & CIO ZenCAP
Marcelo Ikegawa
Chief Credit Officer ZenCAP
Gabriel Bicalho
Chief Legal & Compliance Officer ZenCAP
Diego Souza
Tech Lead ZenCAP
Diandra Guimarães
Head of Customer Success ZenCAP
Leonardo Dias
Head of Design ZenCAP
Arthur Campos
Head Marketing ZenCAP


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Verônica Serra
CEO Innova Capital
Bruno Balduccini
Partner head of Banking Pinheiro Neto Advogados LM...
Fabricio Pettena
Partner Global Founders capital MD Rocket Internet...
Guilherme Horn
Digital Innovation partner Accentura Board Member
Phillipp Povel
Founder & CEO Dafiti
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