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Nov 8, 2018

Brewer's coin is a secure and transparent blockchain platform for independent breweries to generate sales and awareness.
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Jan 1, 2019
Dec 1, 2019
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Jan 1, 2018
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About Brewer's coin

Brewer's coin was founded in January 2018 to create an blockchain platform for artisanal breweries & homebrewers to organize their sales of beers worldwide by using blockchain. Already 175 breweries enlisted from more than 20 countries and it's constantly growing!

We would like to inform you that the ICO will be postponed until the market starts an upwards trend. We have positive expectations about the tech updates of the Casper Protocol Update (ETH) in 2019. In the meantime we are working hard on the development of the platform. We are currently testing the contract and the wallet on the Rinkeby testnet. 

Read here more about our latest news and features on the platform.


Beer sales, a voting system, advertising and reviews. First, we will focus on the sales of beers on our secure and transparent blockchain platform. Every beer sale will be stored on the blockchain, we will store the amount and type of beer that is sold. That way it is transparent for everyone which beers are popular and how many are sold. After that, we will launch a community voting system. Token holders can use that to vote for new features on the platform. The weight of a vote will be determined by the number of tokens owned by the voter.

Also we are building a coin-per-click model (CPC), so brewers can advertise with tokens on the platform.

And finally, we want to integrate reviews with the blockchain, making it possible for homebrewers and commercial brewers to steer on their quality per batch. Every sale will have a buyer, seller, type and amount of beer. Based on that, only reviewers who bought the specific beer can place a review. This will enable brewers to cater to the needs of their world-wide fans.

Technical Info

Initially the transactions will be stored on the blockchain. Every transaction will contain a type and amount of beer. Based on that we will determine who is allowed to review a beer. We want to attach these reviews to a certain type of beer, allowing the breweries to determine the quality of their beers and the demand of their customers.

Will prices of the beers be automatically adjusted to the market value of the token?
When Brewer's coin will be listed on exchanges, they will determine the current market value. We will adjust our prices according to the current market value of those exchanges. At this moment our smart contract is still in development, so it's not public yet. We will keep you informed via our newsletter, socials and Telegram channel.

What about taxes when exporting beer?
We are exclusively a blockchain platform and a sales channel allowing brewers to sell beer. We will inform our brewers on the platform to take this into account when determining their pricing. Transactions will be directly between the buyer and seller. The platform is only the facilitator.

We will inform our brewers via our magazine and newsletter about the international rules regarding excise duty and taxes on import and export of beer.

Why do I need ether on the platform?
Because Brewer's coin tokens are transferred using the Ethereum ecosystem, a small fee is charged for each transaction. This fee will go to the miner processing the transaction. You do not need a lot of ether, that is why we only include a small amount of ether in each order. You are free, however, to enter a custom amount without ether, if you already have enough ether on your address.

How do transactions and fees work?
Transactions on the blockchain need to be processed by other machines, also called miners. Each transaction will be added to a list, also called the buffer pool. Miners will pick transactions from this pool. After the transaction is processed and confirmed by other miners, the transaction is considered executed. Most miners will pick transactions with a higher fee first. If a transaction has a fee that is too low, chances are it will never be processed. Our system will calculate a fee for you, but it is possible to change this. The actual fee may be lower than the estimated fee.

Brewer's coin Roadmap

  • Since January 2018 - Development Platform

  • Since January 2018 we are working hard on the development of the platform. We are currently testing the contract and the wallet on the Rinkeby testnet. We have launched already the breweries and beer pages.

    Our next features will be the beer section. Soon you will be able to submit your beers on your brewery profile page. We will inform you when we are launching this feature.

    For now, it's our strategy to develop all the features on the platform, so that we can launch the platform quickly after the ICO period and start selling your beers worldwide.
  • July 2018 until now - Enlistment of breweries (Currently: 175 breweries)

  • Breweries register and thus become visible on the platform. The first 50 brewers who sign up will get 50.000 tokens, all for FREE! The 50 breweries that sign up after that will receive 25.000 tokens.
  • 2019 - ICO (Depends on the market)

  • Beer lovers from all over the world can become supporters by purchasing Brewer’s coins. We will launch our ICO when the market is starting an upwards trend, to give many people the possibility to invest in our platform. In the meantime we work hard on other updates, making sure the platform continues to grow.
  • 2019 - Launch Platform

  • Breweries can start selling beer on the platform. We will work hard on the other features like voting system, CPC advertising model and premium token holders model.


30 Days Growth:

Brewer's coin Team

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Anne Jans
Ruud Arentsen
Gerard Oudenampsen

Brewer's coin Interviews

Anne Jans
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Anne is a serial entrepreneur and investor with years of experience in marketing. His expertise lies in the area of affiliate and content marketing. It is his mission to prove that blockchain concepts are an important enrichment of our daily life.
What do you think about idea?
It's great to work on this platform together with Ruud and Gerard. There are more than 20.000 artisenal breweries worldwide to enlist on our platform!
Ruud Arentsen
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Our Chief Tech is Ruud Arentsen. Ruud has years of experience as freelance developer. You can describe Ruud as a developer who, when awake, is coding. Ruud knows the other team members from previous projects, including game-apps, a recruitment system and a laser tag project with 3D printing technology.
What do you think about idea?
I think it is a unique concept for every brewery in the whole world. Beer sales will be tranparant, so you can actually see which brewery is popular.
Gerard Oudenampsen
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Our Chief Executive is Gerard Oudenampsen. Gerard is an experienced freelance & blockchain developer. You can describe him as an early adopter who saw the opportunities of bitcoin & ethereum solutions. Gerard is the leader who connects the team members around blockchain & marketing.
What do you think about idea?
Beer and crypto, the perfect combination! We love to see brewers from all over the world get connected with beer-lovers via the platform.

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