Boring Protocol

Boring Protocol

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Boring Protocol will drive an entire new market for bandwidth usage and privacy in one actionable program.
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About Boring Protocol

Boring is a protocol for participants in virtual private networks to conduct transactions between node providers and bandwidth users. The protocol allows for node providers to connect their
endpoints via Solana Program Library and attach metadata that identifies the attributes of their node such as geolocation etc. the protocol inversely allows bandwidth users to identify and connect to these provided nodes, ultimately transacting with the provider via the protocol. The BOP token facilitates several aspects of this market. First, it allows Node providers to gain priority for incoming traffic proportionate to their stake. It also facilitates several defense mechanisms against attack vectors such as Sybil Attacks. Beyond that it is the mechanism by which users and providers transact in their exchange of bandwidth for currency. Initially, the Boring protocol will only support the BOP tokens but as the client interface is developed and proper pricing oracles are available the ability for VPN users to fund their payment wallets will extend to other currencies on Solana. Finally, as cross chain bridges become stronger infrastructure, Boring will allow payments to be made from other networks outside of Solana.


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