Bored Unicorn Gang

Bored Unicorn Gang

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Meet the Bored Unicorn Gang
Bored Unicorn Gang is an exclusive collection of 5.555 unique pieces of digital art living on cloud nine of the Ethereum blockchain.
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About Bored Unicorn Gang

The Bored Unicorn Gang is an exclusive collection of 5.555 unique pieces of digital art living on cloud nine of the Ethereum blockchain. No two NFTs are alike and every piece is a super rare collectible that gives you priceless access to the most eligible gang in the Metaverse


The Bored Unicorns learned everything it takes to scale a business into a precious unicorn - worth a billion dollars. Up on cloud nine, they are creating the magical members-only game that teaches everyone the secrets and special skills to become a successful entrepreneur, too


Because that’s what the Bored Unicorns deeply believe in: Everyone has the power to become a billion-dollar man or woman! You’ll find the path explained in the game: simple, secret, and step-by-step.

Bored Unicorn Gang Roadmap

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  • Bored Unicorn Gang Collection Launch
    Our collection launch will be different. No Gas Wars! Our tech team is working hard on a secure solution that you can purchase your BUG NFT without any hassle and high additional costs. You will buy your NFT with a fixed price, credit card and in Dollars, invoice included! Sounds like buying NFT's on cloud nine huh?
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  • Exclusive Club on Cloud Nine & Merchandise
    All holders will be invited to the exclusive club on cloud nine, where they will be able to hang out. Holders will be rewarded with cool merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers!
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  • Charity Events
    Everybody loves unicorns. Especially the young ones. We will make a donation to a child charity of the choice of our community and help to create an entrepreneurial mindset in a playful way!
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  • BUG Mobile Game
    What if your unicorn is not just a lazy jpeg sitting in your wallet? Gaming is one of the most important parts of the project. Your NFT will grant you exclusive access to our mobile game if the project is successfully funded. You will learn here in a very cool way how to start your own company and scale it until you reach unicorn status. We plan to give every Bored Unicorn Gang holder the ability to use their own unicorn characters within the game.

    But that's not it: We want to create an ecosystem around that game with mentors, angel investors, an accelerator program, and reward players with a play-to-earn experience!
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  • IRL Experiences
    As the community will expand around the world we want to make the Bored Unicorn Gang not just a digital thing! We plan to organize physical events around the world with great speakers & investors from the startup scene and give the community the chance to pitch ideas, get inspiration and meet like-minded people. As a holder, you will get exclusive access to these events. Without one, you can just watch from the sidelines!


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Bored Unicorn Gang Last News

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