Blockswap Network

Blockswap Network

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Blockswap Labs is a cutting-edge research and development firm focused on high-impact frontier technologies. We aim to provide users worldwide with equitable access to financial services. Our primary areas of expertise lie in distributed computing, cross-chain communication, self-enforcing smart contracts, and Zero-Knowledge stacks.
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About Blockswap Network

Blockswap is a permissionless web3 infrastructure layer for multichain composable ETH. These assets are superfluid, don't require an intermediary, don't require a bridge, are capital efficient, and provide yield singularity with native blockchain cryptographic security. Multichain composable ETH is a new primitive for interoperability between blockchains, L2/rollups, and end users. Blockswap's protocols introduce the new standard of tooling to build multichain and yield capturing protocols.

Composable Infrastructure
This state of the art technology provides a superfluid yield singularity which can be dynamically organized and indexed to meet the unique needs of any particular protocol. A truly composable infrastructure provides the greatest capital efficiency by eliminating the need for external dependencies for its security. The security of a composable infrastructure is the blockchain which it resides on. Composable infrastructure creates a more agile and cost effective yield abstraction for DeFi protocols. Everyone will benefit from high frequency on demand verification and yield calculations which do not require any smart contract operations. The result is a composable infrastructure as efficient as traditional financial markets.

NO Bridge & NO Oracle
Unlike other multichain blockchain infrastructure solutions, such as bridges and validator based relayers, composable infrastructure gives the ETH owner the ability to port the ETH and its value to other blockchains while keeping atomic dependency with the base asset. This grants the ETH holder full redeemability of the underlying by simply signing an operation with publicly verifiable on-chain data. Both off-chain and vault contract based asset reconciliation in isolation are supported. ETH can be used in multiple blockchains concurrently representing ETH which is locked in a different blockchain without any contagion risk.

Yield Singularity
Today's DeFi user participates across multiple blockchains for the best yield opportunities. Composable ETH is permissionless and provides a yield singularity by making ETH fluid and reusable across multiple blockchains simultaneously. A user should be able to utilize ETH on whatever blockchain is most advantageous without the need for a bridge. The process is not akin to synthetics which fragment yield, give up custody, and leave the base asset at risk. Yield singularity hinges on a user's trustless and permissionless interaction with verifiable on-chain data.

Multichain Composable Contracts
The new registry contract architecture enables protocol smart contract functionalities to be reused on multiple blockchains with no additional costs or dependencies. Developers can now build protocols safely with a lean codebase while tapping multiple markets for their ETH. By using the registry contract, the narrative of fragmented liquidity in multiple blockchains and misaligned codebases are no longer an issue. The result will be a rapid pace of innovation allowing new developers and smaller teams to quickly bootstrap their own protocols. Now developers can tap multiple markets out of the box and immediately attract a multichain without starting from scratch.


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