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Based out of Edison, New Jersey, BlockSafe is a company that specializes in blockchain-based cybersecurity. They were founded in 2018, by a group with over 17 years experience as a team. Their overall goal is to bring security and safety to consumers.
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About BlockSafe

With any industry experiencing growth, there will always be those that look to get rich on the backs of others.  The cryptocurrency industry has seen a recurring theme throughout the past two years – Theft.  In 2018 alone we have seen literally hundreds of millions of dollars stolen.  This doesn’t even include unreported losses.

While we strive for interoperability, it no doubt causes a large problem.  Attaining this, and the convenience that is brought with it, we continually introduce new gateways for breaches and unwanted system entries.  Between mobile, cloud services, and desktop, our information if fragmented in a dangerous way.

Secure solutions are needed to keep up with this burgeoning industry.  While this may be a difficult task, as the technology is expanding by the day, it needs to be done.

BlockSafe Technologies plans on fixing the issue of theft within the industry.  Although theft will always occur, services such as the one being proposed by BlockSafe can minimize the amount of damage done.

To achieve their goal, the company has plans for 3 main products. Crypto Defender, Exchange Defender, Blockchain Defender.

These are only brief examples of a few of the features offered by each product.  As the company develops, these product will become more expansive, and continue to adapt with the industry.

This combination of products offers a comprehensive means of safety for everyday users.  It is significantly easier to be proactive, and prevent hackers from stealing funds/data, than it is to be reactive.  More often than not, reactive measures prove to be fruitless.  By offering platforms such as those on display by BlockSafe, users can rest easier, knowing that they are being proactive in their approach to security.


To fund development of their suite of products, BlockSafe will be hosting an upcoming STO.  During this STO, they will be selling their ERC-20 token known as ‘BSAFE’.  This token will be sold as a security, and offer investors a chance to buy a stake within BlockSafe themselves.

The company has a goal of raising $27 million throughout the course of their STO.  Full details of how investors will be reimbursed has yet to be released.  This information should be made public shortly, alongside the company’s whitepaper.

BlockSafe Roadmap

  • January 2018

  • Seed Round.
  • Aug-Sep 2018

  • Launched CryptoDefender ver. 1.0.
  • September 2018

  • Pre-STO (initial offering).
  • 25 March

  • STO.
  • Read More
  • Q1 2019

  • Exchange Defender ver.1.0;
    Product Development of Blockchain Defender Begins.
  • Q2 2019

  • Marketing efforts for Blockchain Defenders begins.
  • Q3 2019

  • BlockchainDeefnder ver.1.0


BlockSafe Team

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George Waller
Mark Kay
Ram Pemmaraju
Scott Whitman
Dave Mamane
Steve Ferman
VP Business Dev


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Steve Cooper
Sondra Schneider
Howard Medow
Scott Schober
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