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Oct 21, 2021

BLINK is a new WINk platform on the Binance Smart Chain. BLINk runs alongside the existing WINk platform but is a separate site with all betting in BNB. Starting off with Dice, WINk’s wide range of games will over time all be launched on the new platform, enabling BNB holders to enjoy the market leading games that WINk offers.



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Blink Roadmap

  • 23 Novemer 2020 - End of token sale

  • End of token sale


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Hwong Cathrin

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Sunnen Philip
Co Founder - Back End Developer
Besenius Bob
Michèle Sunnen
Co Founder - Marketing

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Sunnen Philip
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Studied Computer Science And Economy In Germany. Front End And Back End Developer Since 2013. Started Trading Cryptocurrencies In 2014.

Blink Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert


This is a decentralized peer to peer (P2P) crypto currency exchange and social network for crypto enthusiasts making the crypto currency market available for everyone across the world.


  • Easy and fast processing: The platform has no waiting time as the users can easily create an account within a few seconds   and start offering their coins immediately
  • Affordability: The use of the platform involves no transaction fees  with the Exaking keeping the users 100%  free of charge  with no hidden fees  as the users can trade their coins directly from their  wallets  with any coin of their choice
  • Easy purchase with cash: It enables buying and selling of all coins and tokens in fiat cash hence no credit cards and debit cards are needed for trading. This  opens the crypto currency market to many unbanked people  and revolutionalizing the way of consuming goods
  • Safe funds: The platform doesn’t keep the user coins and token enabling them to keep their crypto currency in their own offline wallet. The users can keep their funds at any point of their preference giving them the total power over their funds
  • Anonymous trading: The platform enables the users to trade without exposing sensitive data  as it doesn’t require any verifications making their  funds safer in the wallets  and no hackers can gain access to their funds
  • Trade on nay device: The platform is available for any device enabling the users to perform crypto currency trading from their laptops to PCs to smart phones and tablets through the well generated application  which is Android and IOS compatible
  • White paper: This platform document fully highlights the use of EXA token in promoting crypto currency trading enabling the users to understand the project implications


  • Fewer members of the involved team
  • The loss the private keys can cause loss of the token
  • The market trends of the different commonly used crypto currencies is not indicated in the white paper


  • The platform team should involve more members with relevant skills and added as an integral part of the white paper
  • The platform should give  a clear trend on the exploitation of the  commonly used crypto currencies to encourage more users into the platform


The platform opens the crypto currency market for the users across the globe enabling the unbanked people to easily exchange their coins and token without incurring any additional cost making the project vital in encouraging the use of all the desired crypto currencies. This is an encouragement to investing in the project.



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