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Bizi 13

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Created using Figma
BIZI-13 In an industry where singing artists are not paid in a clear and fair way, in environments where music enthusiasts have low connection rates and little financial means, BIZI - 13 will grant authority to artists and give African interests In order to contribute to the development of cryptographic infringement.
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About Bizi 13

Our strategy is to sell Africa's icons music. We will also webcast streaming. Certainly, we will accept the music of other artists are not icons but it is important to note that our strategy is based on the singer's having enough inuence in their respective countries. This choice aims to make our platform the elite in terms of distribution and streaming music broadcast on the African territory. The advantage of this approach will be the most visited site because usually, in their respective countries, the icons of music drain the majority of the population. BIZI-13 has a purely commercial vision and intends to sign a distribution agreement with artists from di­erent labels that are beginning to make the audience.

This will make BIZI-13 an inuential record label in Africa and will have several production studios, its own radio frequency, and its own TV channel. As well as streaming services (radio & TV). In a purely commercial approach, we will accept stars of another continent on our platform to grow our audience and also make big pro‑ts. Incidentally, all of our business platforms actually accept our token as a medium of exchange.

There are more and more viable projects that are emerging. We recognize that the business environment is changing and new ideas ourish. BIZI-13 is also interested in innovative projects that drain the world. This choice is always part of our business approach. First startups with which we will be partners will use bizcoin for exchange they will donate a portion of their turnover in the network of our cryptocurrency. So you could say that investing in BIZI-13 back to invest in several other companies. The three major criteria for selection of startups are sustainability, mass activity, blockchain. We are committed to supporting our token; namely, the value, multiplying users etc .


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

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Bizi 13 Team

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Koffi Taki Jacques
Co-Founder & CEO
Kakou Helena Hortens...
Co-Founder /Marketing digital
Gbale Vincent
Community Manager
Hein Christophe
Relation Externe, Interprète
Florent Thomas
Développeur, Spécialiste en Blockchain
Kouablan Kouakou
Développeur Web, Ingénieur Post-Production

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