BitsFOX bon

BitsFOX bon

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Funds from the sale of BFB go to the exchange development and advertising. "BFB" token holders receive dividends after each trade and real time.
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Apr 15, 2019
Dec 31, 2019
100% completed
$1 450
100% goal completed
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Exchange-based token.
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Exchange-based token

About BitsFOX bon

Profit for the investors (BFB token holders) is generated from all trades that have been executed in the Bitsfox trading system and a commission from the transaction is 0.025% from each of the parties.
For example, user1 buys 1 LTC for 1 BTC: we charge a commission of 0.00025 BTC at the time of the order creation. So, 1.00025 BTC is charged from its balance for sending order to work.
On the other hand, 1 LTC from user2, remains intact integer value, but at the moment of transferring BTC to the balance of the seller 0.025% is additionally deducted from 1 BTC.
As a result, the seller receives 0.99975 BTC for this sale.
We get the profit from this operation is 0.05% = 1/2000 part deal’s summ.

Commission from transaction enters the profit distribution module immediately after execution of the order.
The distribution is fully proportional to the number of all BFB shares (10,000,000) and corresponds to the formula: Profit / 10,000,000.
In our example, if one of the investors owns 1 BFB, then 0.000 000 000 05 BTC will be credited to the balance.
Even at 0.000 000 01 BFB a profit of 0.000 000 000 000 000 005 BTC will be accrued.


  • User friendly, adaptive customizable interface
  • Ultra low trade fee and withdrawal fee!
  • Realtime profit system for investors (BFB holders)
  • Fully original codebase
  • PWA compatible mobile web application with swipe support and android app.
  • Ready for high loads trading system with fast order execution.
  • Multi-language support for better user experience (non auto-translate)
  • Support for any device and screen resolutions
  • Realtime tradingview chart integration.

Technical Info

+ The speed and quality of the front-end work exceeds all metrics and tests 

+ Network load works at 40% of our capabilities;

+ Transaction processing speed is at the minimum required level of 70-100 orders per second.

   Now we need funds and some time to reach the expected 97-100% of network interaction. The number of transactions per second that we can implement is so great that it may well not have limitations in a simplified understanding, and this is not less than 56,000 orders per second, which is many times the need.

After the release of the second, funded version of the portal, these results become reality. You can connect the load in the form of additional services to increase the profitability of BFB shares (multi-player games, Internet of things, real businesses).


BitsFOX bon Team

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