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May 9, 2018

A Personalized Learning Ecosystem For Education
Jul 25, 2018
Aug 29, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 48 750 000.00 USD
Cap 1 300 000.00 USD
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Mar 19, 2018
Aug 29, 2018
100% completed
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Education

About Bitschool


The BitSchool Personalized Learning Solution (PLS) will help learners establish clear individual learning paths accurately reflecting their abilities and interests, and guide them on their paths to excellence. PLS comprises 3 components. "PLS Assessment" will help education providers with optimal curriculum planning that would allow learners to choose the right courses to resolve their weaknesses systematically. "PLS Learning" will help learners examine their learned knowledge and identify knowledge gaps, and provide intelligently generated learning materials to plug the learners' gaps. "PLS Test" will allow education providers to automatically create and administer adaptive exams to evaluate the learners’ true performances and minimize the exam cost. BitSchool’s blockchain technology will enable contents creators to trace transactions using their contents and get paid. This technology will help us transform into an education data company in addition to an education solution provider.

Bitschool Roadmap

  • April, 2016

  • Ideated BitSchool Concept
  • June, 2017

  • Start development of Adaptive Assessment App
  • September, 2017

  • ICO prep.
  • March, 2018

  • Start Beta testing of Adaptive Assessment App at schools
    Start Private Sale
    Issued BSCH, the BitSchool ERC-20 token
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  • April, 2018

  • Entercube, developer of Smart Test Solution (STS), joined BitSchool
  • July, 2018

  • Public Token Sale
  • September, 2018

  • Kick off development of On Demand Tutor platform (ODT)
    Start development of token payment gateway
  • Octobber, 2018

  • Set up fiat-payment system
  • November, 2018

  • Consolidate of Adaptive Assessment App with Smart Test Solution to create Personalized Learning Solution (PLS)
    Launch PLS in Korea and UK targeting the academic sector
    Start integrating adaptive technologies in PLS Test
    Begin development of Paid Per Use (PPU)
  • December, 2018

  • Launch PLS Assessment on Digital Marketing Platform
  • February, 2019

  • Start development of PLS machine learning capabilities
    Launch token payment gateway on blockchain
  • March, 2019

  • Start development of certificate storage / retrieval system on blockchain
    Start development of GoGreenFund
  • 2Q, 2019

  • Launch Paid Per Use
    Launch Adaptive PLS Tests
    Launch On-Demand Tutor
    Expand PLS in English-speaking countries, i.e. US, North America, Australia etc
  • 3Q, 2019

  • Launch blockchain-based certificate storage / retrieval system
    Launch GoGreenFund
  • 4Q, 2019

  • Start development of PLS corporate eLearning version
  • 1Q, 2020

  • Launch PLS in non-speaking countries such as China, India and EU etc
    Launch AI-equipped PLS Assessment
  • 2Q, 2020

  • Launch AI-equipped PLS Learning and PLS Test
    PLS will cover most courses taught in the academic sector
    Start development of PLS Test for essay-type questions
  • 3Q, 2020

  • Launch PLS corporate eLearning version
  • 2Q, 2021

  • Launch PLS Essay Test


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6 634
62 677
1 227

Bitschool Team

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Kiung (Tom) Ku
Colin Jung
CEO, Asia Pacific
Philip Leipper
Aiden Moon
Bad Edwards
Evan Stanfield
Marketing Manager
Deok Gun Park
Chief AI Architect
Lina Kim
Executive Assistant / Digital Marketer
Matthew Bowen
Backend Developer
Michael Leipper
Frontend Developer
Dalibor Štefanac
Community Manager
Tegan Macmillan
Course Admin
Jaspal Singh
Course Admin
Christakis Demetriou
Course Admin


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$9 737 231

Scott Douglas
Ian van der Linde
Khalil Belmouddene
Dr. Choi
Edouard Brauer

Former members

Andrew Spero
Project Manager
Michael Demetriou
Blockchain Developer

Bitschool Interviews

Lina Kim
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I'm assisting CEO in business developing and planning, and as a Digital Marketer, update our important news/issues and share/PR about BitSchool including BitSchool introduction, BitSchool business/ development plan, the reason BitSchool needs blockchain, ICO plans, team, etc through our Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit channels. And lastely as a Community Manager, maintain our Telegram/ Kakaotalk communities, response to any inquiries quickly and kindly, and try to make our supporters engage actively and discuss BitSchool.

I've been attending numerous ICO project meetups or blockchain conferences so far, and as a team member, I can confidently say BitSchool is very unique and one of the best ICO project having (1)strong goal to bring this education environment big change, (2)concrete and realistic business/ development plans to create a perfect personalized learning solution (PLS), (3)strong reasons for using blockchain: reward our token to contents creators providing learning materials and test questions/answers to be used for the PLS and give token scholarships to low-income students to realize equal learning opportunity , (4) strong leadership and devoted/ passionate team to make this project lead to succeed.

I hope this would be huge reference for investors.
Michael Leipper
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Mike is a junior developer who specializes in front-end web development and whose particular talents include React, JavaScript and Angular 2.0. He has recently undertaken a 4 year computer science course at the open university while holding a full-time management position at a leading UK betting shop demonstrating both his hard-work attitude and willingness to succeed. Mike intends to specialize in big data analytics which is something that will form a perfect synergy for his future here at BitSchool.

Bitschool Last News

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Bitschool Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

BITSCHOOL is a platform built on block chain to empower the students, teacher and tutors to revolutionize learning. It enables easy tracking of the students behaviour and provides the students with constantly adapting, personalized path of mastery.


  • The platform through the adoption of AI technology enables the provision of ideal ways for the teachers and tutors to assess the proficiency levels of learners for certain topics, sub topics or subjects hence delivering a perfect personalized experience to the learners.
  • The Bitschool innovative bidding system  allows the customers and tutors to get best prices based on  the demands and supply  hence significantly reducing tutoring costs worldwide  enabling them to be competitive in the global tutoring market and making the learners to easily access their services without extra costs
  • The platform provides On -Demand Tutoring Services (ODT) and Local –Based Tutoring Services (LBT)  that open doors for students, business men or other types of people to solve their specific learning or business problems
  • The platform offers various token rewards programs and significant discounts for the tokens that incentivize the users and enables them to participate and transact with the token. This is evident as the platform Go Green Fund enables the low income learners students to access scholarships and upholds equal learning opportunities across the globe
  • The platform enables easy tracking and insights as it displays precise knowledge level of each students down on a micro level of each subject topic studied enabling the tutors to know the individual strengths and weakness in each particular subjects through  the use of Personalized Learning Checklist(PLC)
  • The platform  adaptive AI assessment expands the creativity in the learners as it adaptively adjust the difficulty of each question to ensure students are both challenged and motivated  and also enables the tutors to design effective tutoring plans
  • The platform  reduces   learning costs   with faster transaction as the use of Bitschool token(BSCH) directly connects the customers with tutors hence ensuring the efficiency of the project
  • The platform whitepaper is available in most of the languages enabling it to be effectively adopted in all the regions without the reliance on an international qualified translators


  • The platform has no developed mobile application which is easily integrated with IOS and Android
  • The Bitschool token (BSCH) funds generated from the sale are not covered by a warranty or insurance
  • The token holders have no rights in the project decisions and management


  • The platform team should generate a mobile application supported by Android for easy use across the globe
  • The funds generated by the  token sale for the project implementation should be insured to prevent any loss


The platform use extensively improves the learning process through the use of Artificial Intelligence Technology which gives the required resources to the students at affordable cost with easily access of tutors. This project is viable and has high projected returns promoting me to invest in it






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Expert Invested: $600

The BitSchool project has several strengths:

Experienced team
Clear business plan
Clear vision of the target audience.

Disadvantages of BitSchool are as follows:

The idea of the project is not unique
Competitive advantages of the product are not formulated
There is no analysis of competitors.

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Is BitSchool a great investment for you? Yes, it can surely be a great investment because this platform really understands how to educate well and if its AI work really well, this can be a game changing platform that has the potential to change a lot in the education market and to become really profitable. Because of this, it does not matter whether you want to use the platform or not.

Even if you do not want to use BitSchool to learn, the tokens of this company will probably sell well in the market, so it can be a really great idea to invest in this company and you will probably get good results by acquiring the tokens if you buy them for the cheapest available price.

The choice is yours, but we recommend this platform as a very good investment that you can make without having to be afraid that this ICO will fail because it really looks like it can offer excellent returns for you on the long term.

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