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Defi is now an up to date trend of the crypto world. BITLINK has a goal to keep providing a future-oriented Defi platform. We are one of the leading projects of the Defi business in the world.
We’ve developed an ecosystem that allows everyone who would like to have a financial trade. If you use our platform, you can easily lend or borrow money with someone through our blockchain network without knowing with each other.
Besides, BITLINK adopts a Staking system for security purposes. Staking is a revenue share system that the contribution to the blockchain network through having the token decides the amount of it. You can receive interest if you just hold a certain amount of BITLINK in your wallet. The average interest rate of banks is getting lower all over the world, so this staking system will be an excellent opportunity to pursue more revenue by interest.
Sep 1, 2020
Sep 30, 2020
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About Bitlink

Blockchain technology has made it possible for people to transfer the value of their assets efficiently, instantly, and with decentralized. Today, the emergence of it is driving the level of the right to freedom higher and higher.

You can say this movement as a kind of democracy of currency and finance. Through this paradigm shift, you can become to get a significant profit of decentralized finance (Defi).


The world is still fighting against the unknown virus, COVID-19. In such an environment, the concept of social distance is drawing attention. Then, they’re reviewing the financial infrastructure. Interest in cashless is getting to grow, and we expect that the adoption of cashless systems to the business will be accelerated in the next few years.

Besides, confidence in some fiat currencies has begun to falter due to the Corona Shock. Among them, BTC and other crypto assets have regained attention as a new asset cluster. Recently, the number of cases where global investment funds operate their assets with cryptocurrencies is increasing. It means that big investors also accept the cryptocurrency as a digital asset, expecting the future of blockchain.

Bitlink Roadmap

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  • First, you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies on BITLINK DEX with low commission.
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  • Then, BITLINK Cloud Lending will allow people to practice P2P finance.
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  • The token used among our services, BITLINK, will play a role as a hub for the exchange of assets provided by users. It's regarded as the only way for "Store of Value" in our services.
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  • All the returns earned through our platform will be distributed to token holders and will be

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