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Highly sophisticated biochemical cell technology combined with blockchain technology.

Biostem is a cutting edge technology that aims to revolutionize the modern day medical and biotech industry by providing a decentralized platform which can be used for transactional activities, tracking purposes, Contract manufacturing and outsourcing, Monitoring and recording patient’s data, streamlining medical device lifecycles & healthcare, contract manufacturing and Clinical trial management. In doing so, we also aim ensure that modern day Biotech products are readily available for everyone—not only the rich— at cheaper rates.
Apr 1, 2019
May 30, 2019
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About Biostem

MYK was established as a biotechnology manufacturer and Biotech Research Laboratory aiming to contribute to the world health and medical industry through globalizing biotechnology. Its main business areas are: health and medical industry, finance and industrial investment, and sophisticated technologies such as blockchain and Biotechnology. MYK regards technology as the core and quality as its life, and wholeheartedly builds the company into a world-class branded enterprise. Comprised of a world-class medical team and cutting-edge biotechnology equipment, MYK provides a global scaled advanced medical technology and research service platform. It provides world-class screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for oncological diseases; has built patient-centered, unique health management system; provide community-based prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and health services, while also providing medical services. In addition, anti-aging services are supplemented to create a brand-new living experience; in response to the needs of an aging population and the improvement of the quality of life of residents, the company has created the “MYK Cell Bank” as an important carrier for healthy living and provides high-end international medical care. Health management, health care services and other age-based health care services should provide strength for the common people to achieve physical and mental health and a better life.

Biostem is a project by MYK aiming to revolutionize the traditional Medical and Biotechnology industry by providing a decentralized blockchain for storing patient, clinical and research record, and smart contracts like features for trustless outsourcing of Biotech contracts.

Our Mission

Biostem aims to contribute to the world health and medical industry by creating an ecosystem that would make the Patient’s Clinical Record and the Biotech Contract Outsourcing process, distributed through a decentralized blockchain, so that, anyone can have access to high end, state of the art medical diagnosis, treatment and Biotech products at ease.


Biostem is state of the art ERC-20 Virtual Currency that allows peer to peer mode of payment and is deployed on decentralized ethereum blockchain based technology. The currency would be used for funding the research work, daily transactional activities happening within the Biostem health and financial ecosystem, for health care services and can also be used as a peer to peer exchange and store of value between users: securely, efficiently at reduced costs. Biostem will utilize ethereum blockchain technology to enhance its services to patients, hospitals, research centers and daily consumers, sellers, and merchants. This allows a level of transparency that was previously unrealized, while incentivizing users to adopt and use the platform. This will be done through the creation and use of Biostems.


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Biostem Team

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Dr. Rubern
Chief Executive Officer
Dawson Roland
Chief Technology Officer
Kelson Beck
Chief Marketing Officer
Matthew Hudson
Chief Financial Officer
Catherine Harrison
Chief Operating Officer
Biotech Consultant
Allyson Brock
Human Resource Director
Jozie Ayaz Khan
Business Development Director
Brayden Parker
Biotech Research Consultant
Sanjay Uttam Kharade
Business Consultant - Asia

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