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Fractional-Algorithmic Synthetic Token pegged to the value of 1 FTM on Fantom Opera.
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Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Liquidity mining - 70% (vesting rewards)
- 21,000,000 BSM

Batastic DAO - 10% (3 years vesting)
- 3,000,000 BSM

Team (DevFund) - 10% (2 years vesting & 8 weeks cliff)
- 3,000,000 BSM

TreasuryFund - 10% (3 years vesting)
- 3,000,000 BSM
- Covers marketing, CMs, PR, peg protection or recollateralization, etc.
Additional Details

About Batasm

Batasm Protocol is a fork of the successful DeFi project, aimed at developing and popularizing synthetic tokens for multiple L1 Ecosystems. With the Batasm Protocol, we introduce a decentralized solution by adopting a partial collateralized design, where Batasm's synthetic tokens are partially backed by a L1 token and partially by our native token.

Batasm Roadmap

  • Q2 - CY 2022

  • Stealth Launch - 14/4/22 9PM UTC
    Deploy Timelock
    DeBank listing
    KYC+ with The Tulip DAO
    OG NFT Campaign
    OG NFT - Partnership Froqorion
    OG NFT - Design and Development
    SpookySwap Listing
    CoinGecko Listing
    Marketing Plans
    Autocompounder support
    OG NFT Airdrop
    DAO rewards - OG NFT holders
    DeFiLlama adapter
  • Q3 - CY 2022

  • NFT collection
    Utility for BSM/BFTM (Tomb fork)
    Marketing Plans
    Autocompounder support

Batasm Last News

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