Barnyard Fashionistas

Barnyard Fashionistas

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An NFT series of animals who escaped the dismal farm life and discovered fashion! Now they’ve made it their life’s mission to encourage self expression through fashion in their community, and around the world.
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About Barnyard Fashionistas

Barnyard Fashionistas International Council announces first-ever 10,000 Chicken March for Fashion Freedom. No longer will we be told to strip down to our feathers to make others comfortable. No longer will we be forced to squawk and bok instead of speak our minds. We are unique and glorious beings, and through our sense of fashion and style we intend to let it SHOW.

We have struggled to survive the trials and tribulation of The Farm, and the darkness of those days. We have escaped and made our way into the world, hiding at first. We have seen fashion, and now we are ready. We are chickens, and the world is our roost

This gathering is being organized for two purposes: first, to make it clear we DO in fact speak and dress ourselves just like anyone else, and second, to declare that we are entitled to freedom of expression, acceptance, and stylish shoes.

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