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Bake Coin

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The Bankcoin protocol is a community inspired DeFi experiment built on Binance.
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About Bake Coin

Built and deploy on Binance Smart Chain. The Bankcoin protocol is a community inspired DeFi experiment built on Binance.

NFTs Curator, we create and draw NFTs of Bakecoin collection, popular influencers NFTs.

NFTs Sales are 100% towards donation, we will post Proof of Donation at Bakecoin Twitter.

Coming soon: Bakecoin NFTs Dapp - Pandora Box Game that will drawn Random NFTs from OpenSea, Bakecoin collection or Bakecoin token as prizes based on a provable fairness probability runs on Smart Contract. Each drawn will consume 200,000 Bakecoin token, 50% will be burn to reduce the circulating supply & the remaining 50% will be sold to build funds for acquiring more valuable NFTs for Bakecoin Pandora Box NFTs Game.

Bakecoin team will develop its own dapp for NFTs.

You can draw random NFTs of value obtained from OpenSea, BakeryGallery or Bakecoin collection using $BakeCoin.

All listed NFTs will be shown on a website, and verifiable by block chain.

Bakecoin will also develop its own community Dapp for community forum, support desk, wallet, DEX aggregator.

Bake Coin Roadmap

  • Q3, 2021

  • Setup Social Media Account
    Start building a community
    Trending on Dextools
    Listing on Coingecko
    Releasing NFTs
    Voting listings (Coinsniper, WatcherGuru etc.)
    First CEX listing
    20,000 Holders
    10,000 Telegram Members
    News & Publication
  • Q4, 2021

  • CoinMarketCap listing
    NFT marketplace
    Second, Third CEX + BIG Cex listing
    Blockfolio listing
    NFT farming
    NFTs Dapp
    Bakecoin Community Dapp
    Yield farming
    50,000 Holders
    20,000 Telegram Members
    News & Publication
  • Q1, 2022

  • More CEX listing
    500,000 Holders
    NFT airdrops for Different Tiers
    New utility
    100.000 Telegram members
    News & Publication


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