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Jul 31, 2019

Intelligent tools that increase efficiency and reliability of data distribution. We use our fully integrated set of blockchain, masternode, and IPFS technologies to reduce latency, increase performance, and add layers of security.
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About AXEL

Our company's (AXELTM formerly StoAmigo®), software, and our vision have always been focused on providing users the highest degree of control over their digital identities and assets. We have had tremendous success in forecasting and understanding the genuine need for people to have control over their own digital files and communications.

Over the past five years, our veteran 100+ member team (including more than 80 technical experts) built a suite of software products enjoyed by millions of users. Unique patented technology and a user-friendly AXEL App have helped us achieve substantial market penetration and a 4.4-star rating on Google Play. We are proud of, and emboldened by, the success our software has already achieved - all while being 100% self-funded. As we embark on the next critical iteration of our software, we seek nothing less than to completely remove the barriers to direct peer-to-peer monetization, transfer, and enjoyment of files and data. With our years of experience, we recognize there is a critical void in the file sharing space - privacy - that can only be addressed through blockchain technologies.

We intend to leverage our existing ecosystem by adding these layers of blockchain technologies to foster the movement from centralized monolithic systems to a decentralized and distributed world. Whether it be with our IPFS Pinning facility, website creation, or the ever-popular database migrations, we are powering the next generation of revolutionary internet applications.


The AXEL.Network has been purpose-built with blockchain and masternode technologies for one reason: data protection. Our multi-node environment not only gives greater efficiency and reliability to the distribution of data, but we take great pride in our security. Our core promise of "confidentiality, availability, and integrity" has resonated within the data community and is the backbone of what our current and future products are based on. 

Our lightning fast network allows us to offer many enterprise services such as our Database Migrations (DDBaaS), backup and restore, IPFS solutions (pinning, search, rich features and easy-to-use), right on down to our consumer facing products like the core AXEL apps (Android and iOS), as well as Letmesee (mobile app). 

We believe that by powering the connection of decentralized and distributed technologies we can create a more efficient, smarter, and safer distribution of the worlds data.

AXEL Roadmap

  • AXEL Future

  • AXEL Core desktop Tack App integration with AXEL IPFS and AXEL DDB
    AXEL IPFS Archive
    AXEL IPFS Private Share
    AXEL Exchange
    MySQL -> AXEL DDBaaS
    AXEL Public IPFS Gateways via Masternodes
    AXEL Android and iOS Wallets

    Q1/Q2 2020
    AXEL Core Mobile Apps integration with AXEL IPFS and AXEL DDB
    LetMeSee Mobile Apps integration with AXEL IPFS and AXEL DDB
    AXEL Distributed DNS Services
    AXEL Distributed Web Site Hosting
    AXEL Distributed E-Commerce Hosting

    Q3/Q4 2020
    AXEL Content Distribution Network
    AXEL Private IPFS
    AXEL Custody DDB
    AXEL Big Data Services

    AXEL AI/ML Containers
    AXEL Blockchain


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Brian Williams
VP, Business Development
Tony Tan
CEO & Chairman
Ben Ow
CTO & President
Jeremy Forsberg
Chief Marketing Officer
Lee Eyerman
VP, Technology & Blockchain
Dave Kaplan
General Counsel
Rick Stiles
VP, Product Development
Jeff Maher
VP, Communications
Diane Zhang
VP, Finance
Dmytro Ashkinazi
Director, European Operations

AXEL Interviews

Brian Williams
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the VP of Business Development for AXEL and I handle all partnership and sales efforts for the brand.
What do you think about idea?
Blockchain secured, masternode powered content distribution is phenomenal!

We are bringing a fully-integrated set of scalable, low-latency, high-performance, distributed edge services that help solve any IoT challenge.

Using our multi-node environment with P2P content distribution, we are able to migrate databases, reduces latency, and increase available bandwidth for enterprises.

Our intelligent tolls increase efficiency and reliability of data distribution allowing everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the distributed world.
Rick Stiles
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
AXEL is expanding our current ecosystem to add IPFS and provide technologies and tools to allow users to upload, manage and share data on the distributed web. Our pinning facility is free to try at
What do you think about idea?
We currently have millions of desktop and mobile users on our existing content distribution ecosystem. By adding IPFS and a completely decentralized network architecture, we can offer more powerful tools and services to our customers.

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