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AtomicX provides world class services, faster transactions speed than any currency. Cheaper price and transactions allow AtomicX to be easily adopted by merchants across the globe. The AtomicX will allow anyone to answer and ask questions in exchange for AtomicX token. Monetize your knowledge and put your brain on the blockchain!
This team is responsible in our understanding of what immediately benefits (with current technology) from centralization and decentralization, and thus are cognizant of impending scaling problems of the blockchain and aren't promising the moon. What we are offering is a useful, simple, and novel platform built on the blockchain that everyone can use.
Apr 2, 2018
Apr 10, 2018
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INVESTMENT The Best Solution 
It is important to point out the amount of jargon or moon shot releases ongoing in the blockchain world- often relying on a mix of ignorance, excitement, and opportunity; this is not such a release. Simple in launch, this ICO is designed to deliver and is based on the refinement of ideas in a winnable market. However, it’s also designed to grow and interface with the technology as it changes. The delivery of this platform is a use case for a paradigm-shifting technology, getting it in the palm of more people’s hands in a short timeline for more reason than speculative investment. The fastest way to the future is accessibility, and AtomicX is our route forward
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We are choosing to build upon the Ethereum platform given the fact that it’s programmable by nature. Our system will involve multiple “Smart Contracts” that will facilitate balance checking, escrow, and payouts for our users. The token will also be Ownable and Mintable meaning that an administrator has the ability to manually transfer tokens as necessary as well as mint new tokens as the platform grows. We will take special care to ensure that all public facing methods of our Smart Contracts are Owned by some admin. This means that only an administrator having a specific wallet address is able to execute these actions. To minimize the transaction fees, the application will have limited access to the blockchain. We will keep a book of all tokens assigned to a user inside of our local database. All transactions will happen “off-chain” and inside of our infrastructure until the user is ready to withdraw tokens. There are only two scenarios in which the application will interact with the blockchain: 1. Buy-in: A user transfers AtomicX Tokens from an Ethereum wallet to their AtomicX account. When this happens, the user must invoke our smart contract using the provided web interface. They will specify how many AtomicX Tokens to transfer into their account from their existing Ethereum wallet. The tokens will then be moved from their wallet into our Smart Contract and earmarked for that user to spend on our platform. 2. Cash-out: A user’s AtomicX Tokens exist only in our database until they choose to cash them out (transfer them to their own Ethereum wallet). A user will invoke our smart contract via the web interface and select how many AtomicX Tokens they want to transfer to their Ethereum wallet. This process could take up to 24 hours as we might batch and queue these requests to save on transaction fees. Ideally, the fee for this transaction will be covered by the transaction fees charged every time a successful answer gets selected.


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